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GRE Scores for Chemistry M.S programs


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Hi everyone, I have two questions regarding application to small M.S programs within the U.S

I took the GRE test for the first time and got the following result (the GRE pdf file is attached):

  • Verbal Reasoning 149
  • Quantitative Reasoning 151
  • Analytical Writing: 2.5

I am not from the U.S and have never studied for the GRE exam before, so my grades were not good. However, I´d like to apply to small M.S programs so I can build a decent CV before applying to PhD programs. Do you think it´s possible for me to enter any M.S program in Chemistry with those scores or would you recommend me to take the test again? I want to retake it but it is so expensive and there are a few test centers available in my country, so that´s why I´m considering to send the score as is.

The second question is regarding my previous education,

I have obtained a master´s degree in Inorganic Chemistry in my home country this year, but unfortunately I couldn´t make any publications out of it. For this reason, I´d like to apply to a second M.S degree program and build a better CV. Would you recommend me writing that I already have a MSc degree in my application? I can think of two scenarios if I write them I already have a master´s: the first one, they would be more confident about my skills to engage in research and that would help me in the application process. The second, the admissions comittee would not accept me since I already have a Master´s in Chemistry and would ask me to apply to the PhD program (unfortunately, I have been denied in two PhD programs I´ve tried because I do not have publications).

I apologize if there is any mispelling or errors in my sentences, I wrote this in a hurry (and in english haha).

Just in case, these are the programs I wish to apply:

  • Auburn University
  • Brandeis University
  • Bucknell University
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Utah (although is a very good program)
  • Texas A&M


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I have a couple of thoughts about your application. First off, I doubt that many schools (even the smaller schools you've listed) will want to accept you to a MS program in Chemistry as you already have a MS, although it was internationally obtained. I don't think that you can omit the fact that you already have a MS degree either. At this point you most likely will want to apply to a PhD program. It is disappointing that you have no publication after your MS degree, and that mostly likely will put a damper on your application. In addition, your GRE scores are quite low. One of the best things you can do to strengthen your application is to retake your GRE, and to study this time around. There are plenty of materials online that are free to study from, and using the materials ETS provides to study for as well can help a lot. The GRE isn't really testing how intelligent you are, and by studying for the test and being familiar with it your score will likely improve dramatically. Of course this is only my opinion (not only on the GRE but also regarding your application). I hope this insight was helpful.

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