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How to Become a Social Worker in California from Out of State??

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Hi all!

I am interested in pursuing an MSW at NYU because I like the clinical focus of their program and the opportunity to earn a dual degree in child development. 

However, I am originally from California and would be planning to move back and begin my career there with the goal of working toward LCSW licensure.

As I understand it, transferring test scores and supervised hours can be difficult in California, as well as meeting the other state requirements. Does anyone have experience with this who can offer some insight and advise? 

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If you are planning to move back soon after graduation you shouldn't have a problem. It's the ASWB test scores that sometimes won't transfer if a state has their own test. I'm not sure if CA does this or not. I'm not sure why supervision wouldn't transfer, but you won't be taking the master-level examine or gaining LCSW supervision hours until after graduation. Having said all of that I don't live in CA so here's some links that might be helpful:




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