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Should I take Math GRE Subject Test?

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I'm applying this season to CS/Stats PhD programs. Mostly CS programs (8 CS ones versus 2 stats ones), but in applied stats/machine learning/network science-esque areas that lie in the intersection of CS and Stats. None of the CS programs require a subject test. One stats program "strongly recommends" the subject test, and the other one somewhat recommends it. I know I can do well on the test if I put in the time, but I don't want to take it if I don't have to. Here are some stats:


Undergrad Institution: Top 10
Major(s): Math, Applied Math, CS
GPA: 4.0
Type of Student: Male, Domestic
Programs Applying: PhD in stats/CS

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Top 200 on Putnam, and some school-wide awards

Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Grader/TA for upper-level math/CS courses, counselor for well-known math summer camp for high-schoolers

Math and Stat Courses: Lots of graduate-level math classes: algebra, commutative algebra, measure theory, complex analysis, manifolds, number theory, probability theory, stochastic processes. Other stats-y classes include machine learning and network science.
I'm hoping my long list of math classes and other math-y activities means I don't have to take the subject test... what do you think?
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From past posts on this forum lots of people get into programs that "strongly recommend" the test without taking it so I think you should be fine since you have a stellar record in math classes. I'm in the same boat as you, applying to stats PhD with a lot of upper year math, and I'm not gonna bother writing it.

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