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  1. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    I've got an acceptance to the direct entry PhD at Toronto as well as an unofficial offer (from a supervisor) for McGill's MSc. Not sure if Toronto waits to do the MSc until after they've sent out the PhD letters?
  2. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    @hvu26892 Congrats!! Not bothering anyone, that's what this forum is for! Our friends can only hear us talk about grad school for so long before they get annoyed lol, so we need to have someplace to share
  3. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Just goes to show that people are right when they say that your application isn't objectively the same at every school, since I was rejected from Chicago but admitted to CMU and you've had almost (waitlist) the opposite experience.
  4. @statcan Thanks! It's a masters with the option to "fast-track" into the PhD after one year, which would likely be my strategy. Definitely the idea of living in Montreal vs. Pittsburgh is something I'm heavily considering, as while Pittsburgh looks quite nice Montreal is one of my favourite cities.
  5. @statcan Coincidence that I live about an hour from you (go to Western) and have also been accepted into the Stats PhD at CMU. I can't really help you with your question because I'm grappling with a similar problem -- whether I choose CMU for the prestige of their stats department or McGill, which is less prestigious but has a prof who really wants to supervise me and is doing research in EXACTLY what I want. From asking other grad students on this forum and elsewhere (i.e. r/GradSchool), I've gotten the impression that having research that really fits your interests is more important than the prestige as decided by US News. Congrats on the acceptances, good luck with whatever decision you make, and know that I commiserate with you!
  6. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Do you think that means within the next couple weeks or not until March?
  7. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    There's an acceptance for the CMU PhD in Stats and Public Policy posted. I know this is a joint degree, so possibly a different timeframe, but an encouraging sign that the Statistics PhD news might be coming soon!
  8. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Waterloo told me they understand US schools have later timeframes for sending out acceptances, so they're fine with students accepting their offer now and then changing their minds in a month since they only give 3 weeks to accept or decline. I'd expect SFU is similar, but maybe just email the grad coordinator there to double check. I'm not sure what deposit you'd be asked to pay within the next month or two, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Thanks everyone, still plenty of schools left to hear back from so I have high hopes! @TeX4 I agree I thought I was a strong candidate, they did mention they’d received an “unprecedented number of applications” but they might just say that to everyone lol. Hope you get good news soon!
  10. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Just got my first taste of rejection from Chicago. Sad because they were my top choice, but at least it's Friday night! Congrats to anyone who got in there
  11. Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Been avoiding this forum since I sent in applications because I was so burnt out, but I'm so anxious about waiting on offers I decided to come back and see how everyone is doing! So far radio silence on everything for me except an offer for a fully funded Masters at Waterloo. Definitely hoping a PhD acceptance comes in soon!
  12. Statistics/Social Science Fields?

    Sounds like you want to do economics. Unfortunately, grad school in economics generally requires an undergrad in economics, with many specific courses you have to take. Maybe talk to an prof in the economics department at your school to see if they can recommend a course of action that will get you into a graduate program without adding years to your undergrad.
  13. Stats PhD chances, low GPA high GRE

    Obviously I'm an applicant just like you, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but your GPA is extremely low (I've seen a lot of schools with a cutoff of 3.3) and your GRE actually isn't very good (although it would probably be fine if you had a 3.75+ GPA). I think Northwestern and NYU are way out of your league, but I don't know enough about the others to comment on whether you have a chance there. Looks like you're either gonna have to pick a very low ranked PhD program, which might not have funding anyways, or bite the bullet and pay an exorbitant amount to get a masters first. You don't mention a reason for your low GPA so take a good hard look at yourself and ask if you really think you can get a higher GPA in a masters, because if not that option could be a huge waste of money. Don't kid yourself by saying "oh I just didn't work very hard in undergrad", I've never seen anyone drastically change their GPA by just "working harder" unless they were literally not attending a single class or doing any studying.
  14. Stat MS Profile Evaluation

    I don't know much about those US programs, but based on what footballman said it sounds like you'll get into them. You should know that UBC does not fund MSc students, in fact they don't even guarantee funding for their PhD students. The only fully funded (i.e. stipend plus full tuition scholarship) Canadian MSc Stats programs that I know of are Waterloo and Toronto. I think you'd be able to get into those (assuming your University is of the same calibre as top Canadian schools), but remember in Canada almost nobody does direct entry PhD so MSc competition is a lot tougher than it is in the US.
  15. From past posts on this forum lots of people get into programs that "strongly recommend" the test without taking it so I think you should be fine since you have a stellar record in math classes. I'm in the same boat as you, applying to stats PhD with a lot of upper year math, and I'm not gonna bother writing it.