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As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Please critique my essay as I will be giving my GRE exam soon.

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Today technology is everyone’s friend, even dearer than a friend. Nowadays it has supplanted almost everything that we have been doing using labor. To some extent it has proved beneficial but now, it is eerily trying to supplant our brains making us no better and even worse than animals. It is like becoming mindless creatures that cannot think and make decisions on their own. More and more reliance on technology is surely backed by more disadvantages than advantages.

The use of technology is ubiquitous. Today a person may not be accompanied by another human but always has a gadget to give him/her company. Be it any task, from remembering a friend’s birthday to scheduling an appointment somewhere, we need technology. Arnold Husky, a 9 year old boy who is treading the acme of learning uses his father’s mobile phone to remind him of his friend’s birthday and uses a calculator for his math problems. Children at such age should not be encouraged to use technologies that hamper their process of imbibing and learning things. Then there is another person, Jane Waters who is totally dependent on a pervasive mobile assistant Siri on Iphone for all her daily tasks. She requires the software to wake her up, remind her of important events, suggest her good eating venues and even decide the dress she is going to wear for an event. This is just like feeding a baby who cannot think anything for themselves and rely on their mothers (here it is Siri) for the most commonplace things. It’s like the price we pay for using such assisting or helping software and gadgets is not just the money, it’s the power of the brain that we are sacrificing.

In some cases however technology has proved its worth which can be ascribed to its pervasive use by today’s generation. Technology has bridged gaps between people, brought them closer and has given more exposure to a person at the comfort of their home. It is especially beneficial for the elderly to help them recall things and assist them.

Technology has enhanced our understanding and given us a better picture of the world outside the bubble we live in. Nevertheless, a complete reliance on technology for the most basic things can limit our thinking and decrease the mental power we have been gifted with. Brain is just like a muscle, the more it is used, the more intelligible we become.

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