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Which Biostat PhD programs to apply for?


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Hi guys, it's my first post here. I plan to apply for PhD program in Biostatistics in 2018 Fall. Can anyone help decide which programs to apply for? I understand that my profile doesn't look good as compared to others that I have seen on the site. Thanks in advance!
Undergrad Institution: Ordinary institution in Asia (2011-2015)
Major(s): Statistics
GPA: 88/100
Type of Student: male, international
GRE General Test: Q 170; V 160; AW 3.5
Programs Applying: PhD in Biostatistics
Graduate Institution: Private research institution in New England, ranks 40 (2015-2017)
Major(s): Biostatistics
Degree: Master of Public Health
GPA: 3.8
Research Experience: A few projects in undergrad, published a working paper for a conference, participated in project reports drafting. I worked as RA in my masters program under a research center at School of Medicine. After graduation, I was employed full time as Statistical Data Analyst at the same center. I have done 14 projects with 10 collaborators, mostly physicians at the university teaching hospital. I have submitted 4 manuscripts, and they are under review now. But I'm not sure how many of them would be published by the application deadline. Also I have an oral presentation on APHA annual meeting in Atlanta in November this year.
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Some awards in college, and a scholarship in UW summer institute 2017 (SISBID)

Pertinent Activities,Jobs:  I took many math classes in undergrad, algebra, probability theory, advanced calculus, nonparametric statistics, real analysis, multivariate statistics, etc. Most of them were above 85/100. My graduate courses are more applied statistics. Now I'm a full-time employee as Statistical Data Analyst.
Letters of Recommendation: One from my statistical courses in grad school, one from a clinician from the teaching hospital who I collaborated with during masters program, and one from my graduate mentor, current employer. They should all be good.
Computing Skills: R, SAS, Stata

Applying to Where: Boston University, Vanderbilt, Ohio state? Am I too ambitious?
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I don't have a certain idea since the forum includes too many information about the top 3 tiers university rather than other schools.

I'm going to apply for the same programs, biostatistics phd in fall 2018. Seems that choosing school is quite difficult.

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