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Profile Evaluation for Stat PhD/Help Narrow My List


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Undergrad Institution: Large State School
Major(s): Mathematics
Minor(s): Statistics
GPA: 3.95/4.00

Type of Student: Domestic White Male

Grad Institution: Same Large State School
Concentration: Mathematical Statistics (Masters)
GPA: 4.00/4.00

GRE General Test:
 167 (92%)
V: 165 (96%)
W: 4.0 (60%)
Programs Applying: Statistics PhD
Research Experience: 1 Peer-reviewed publication, 2 summers of research as an undergrad, presented at local/state conferences for undergraduates (won some minor awards), Graduate Research Assistant for one year, which I assume will lead to a publication
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Phi Kappa Phi Outstanding Scholar, wrote grants which resulted in $5000 in funding for my research, Goldwater Scholarship Nominee, Honors College "Excellence in Research" Award
Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Math tutor when I was an undergrad, Teaching Assistant for one semester, Research Assistant for three semesters in grad school
Letters of Recommendation: Two from professors I have done research with (one young in her career, one a bit older with a good reputation), one from either my department head (who is on my committee) or from another prof on my committee with a good reputation
Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: my masters degree (and the qualifying exams I have taken) are the first part of the PhD program at my institution, so I have proven myself in some advanced courses (Measure Theory, Computational Statistics, Asymptotic Statistics)
Programs considering:
Personally, I am from the middle of no where in the midwest, and I would ideally like to move to a location with better weather, more interesting terrain, and/or a good music/art scene.
Academically, I am interested in machine learning/computational statistics, and, in particular, like working with text data.  On the side, I am also interested in data visualization. Academia could be in my future, but I would like my program to have good industry ties. If possible, I would prefer a small-medium department to a large one.
Very interested:
New York University (NYU) (Data Science PhD) (My favorite program that I have seen. I like the research areas and industry ties, are there other programs like this I could apply to?)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)
University of Washington
Columbia University
Iowa State University (Visualization group is very interesting)
University of California, Irvine
Also Interested but, I haven't done a lot of research into these departments
University of Chicago
Duke University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Michigan
Do you think I am competitive at these programs? I would like to remove some of these schools from my list and replace them with some safer schools and ultimately end up with 5-7 to apply to. These are also all fairly larges departments, and I think I am much more suited to a smaller one. Any suggestions are welcome.
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I think you're in the running for pretty much anywhere you apply. Take and do well on the Math subject GRE and you can probably even have a good shot at Stanford. 

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