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Tips for KAUST MS Bioscience Application in Fall 2018?



Hey everyone!

Is there anyone from KAUST MS Bioscience program who can give me a few pointers on the admission process and how I can basically improve my chances of getting there?

I'm in my senior year of Applied Biosciences at NUST, in Pakistan, so I was looking around for places to get admission for a post grad degree, and I'm really psyched out about KAUST. Obsessively reading the FAQs on their website and scouring every webpage they have isn't helping matters much however, so I decided to head over here.

I have a 3.88/4 cGPA, I'm pretty much at the top of my class (which the professors I'm planning to ask for LORs will collaborate) and I think I'm good enough at English that I can be confident about TOEFL/IELTS even though I haven't given them yet. I'm also planning to give the GRE this fall as well.

I'm also going to be starting my undergrad research project, so I won't have much of a 'research experience' beyond that and a mini-project about nanoparticles that won me and my team the Biotechnology category at one of our universities entrepreneurship and innovation competitions.

So, what are my chances, and what can I do to make them better? I await with bated breath... =) 


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