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Who Should I Ask for my LORs From?


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So I'm applying to Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering Master's Programs for Fall 2018. MY question is about letters of recommendation. Most of my applications ask for 3 LORs. 

Should I get all 3 of my letters from professors or would it be better to get one of the three letters from an engineer that supervised me at one of my internships?

If it helps, I was a mechanical engineering major and the internship was at an automotive plant. My top school, Northeastern, seems to be concentrated on giving grads co-op experience. So I was thinking to replace Professor 3 with my internship supervisor. Let me know what you guys think!

LOR candidates:

Professor 1: My research mentor for my conference paper

Professor 2: Head of ME department; Professor of my research seminar; Head of one of the engineering clubs I was in

Professor 3: The professor that I was a Teacher's Assistant for (1 year)

Engineer: One of my supervisors during my automotive plant internship


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I'm applying for Political Science Ph.D programs and most of the schools explicitly state that they want recommendations from those who can speak to your academic potential or intellectual capabilities i.e. a professor.  This may be different for Engineering/Master's programs, so my first bit of advice would be to check how explicit the requirements are.  If your internship supervisor is an option, I suggest using him and maybe reinforcing the value of the experience in your personal statement.


Just my two cents.  This is a new process for me as well.  Good luck!

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