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Pls Evaluate my profile


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Dear all,

I am senior  in Petroleum Engineering at The University of Oklahoma and graduating in May 2018. I am preparing for my graduate school applications in Petroleum Engineering and Civil Engineering. I have a list of almost 20 schools that i am going to apply. Could you guys  please help me evaluate my profile and the chance i get funded ? I need funding to go to graduate school.


-Overall GPA: 3.60 ( Hopefully it will go up to 3.65 after this semester )

-Major GPA: 3.75

-Expected GRE: 320- 325 ( Quantitative: 165; verbal: 155; AWA: 4.0)

-LoRs: 2 decent ones from associate professors and 1 strong from department chair ( The professor i am working with)

-SoP: not very strong, decent.

-Research Experiences: 1 internship with big company in oil field ( Worked as research intern), and 1,5 year experience working in the lab with well-known professors.

I know my GPA and GRE are gonna hurt my application, but i dont think i could improve those in short time.

The schools i will apply:

-Petroleum Engineering: UT Austin, Texas A&M, Colorado School of Mines, OU, LSU, UL Lafayette, U of Alberta, U of Calgary, NTNU. U of Stavanger, Imperial College, U of Adelaide, Curtin, U of New South Wales, TU Delft, South Dakota School of Mines, New Mexico School of Mines, Montana Tech, Penn State, SouthCal

-Civil Engineering: ( I chose this major because it shares some courses with P.E and my intern project was related to this field): GeorgiaTech, U of Minnesota, U of Illinois, University of Michigan, Cornell, Purdue ( I really dont expect much in these schools )

Please feel free to share your thoughts about my profile and my school choices.

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