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Psychology GRE tomorrow question for Canadian applicants (Hamilton?)


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Hi! Sorry for this late and weird post, but I was wondering if anyone had ever taken the GRE or any other test on the McMaster campus in hamilton and knew what building it was actually in? ETS literally just says the address of the main campus and its tomorrow at 8:30am, not sure how to figure out where it actually is!

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I would suggest going to the main office and asking for information. You can also try calling ETS? McMaster is a large campus, definitely go early enough to find your way. Sorry I'm not much help.. 


Good luck!

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In 2011, I took the Physics GRE on a Saturday morning at McMaster. Note that ALL the paper subject tests happen together, so it's not just Psychology (although Psychology students were the largest group by far). You should call ETS to get the building name because Saturday morning means very few people will be around.

I second the suggestion to go early. I was there by 7am. When I got to whatever building it was in, the door was locked. Half an hour later, someone came and put up a piece of paper that said the test is now in <other building>. Had to figure out where that was and run over. Luckily there were a couple of other GRE test takers there (a psychology student) and we figured it out together. 

I also had to travel 2+ hours the night before to get to Hamilton for the test, so that wasn't a fun start to the test. Luckily (?) we actually started almost an hour late so I had lots of time to collect myself.

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