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Asking suggestions about US graduate programs- Where to apply?

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I am a student of an Indian Institute majoring in Mathematics. I want to pursue my MS/PhD in Statistics in US. Please evaluate my profile and suggest me suitable universities.


GPA 7.9/10 (I don't know the 4-scale equivalent)

GRE General test- Verbal - 153 (61 percentile)

                                 Quant - 166 (91 percentile)

                                 AW       - 4.0 (60 percentile)

Will appear for TOEFL next month.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are from Indian Statistical Institute or IIT or similar reputed institutes, you may get into a very good university. My suggestion will be to see where alumni from your institute went and did well. You can apply there. While admission and funding both depend on many things, my guess is that you are going to be accepted at most universities ranked 40-70. But try for a few with ranking between 20-40 and test your luck. Wish you all the best!

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Dear Blain Waan,

 Thank you for your suggestions. I am not from ISI. I am from IISER which is IIT equivalent. The problem is the sample space of our alumni who opted Statistics are very less, they are mostly pure-mathematics bound. Some specific names of those 40-70 universities will be helpful.



Areas of Interest: Multivariate Analysis, / Non-parametric Regression

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On 9/26/2017 at 3:27 PM, CincoDingo said:

As an Indian student, are you required to take the TOEFL? 

You would be required to submit it at my institution, and I imagine most have a similar policy. I agree that it's a little silly for some Indian applicants, but we do see some meaningful spread in English ability from the group as a whole so it does provide some information.

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