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Hello everyone, I graduated college about a year ago with a BS in chemistry (sp. in biochemistry) with a minor in microbiology. My cGPA was a 3.05, my subject was a 2.68 and my minor was 3.33. And I want to go into the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine/biotech.

I was thinking about going for a MS in biology. I know my GPA is low, but I just wanted some advice on how I can achieve my goal.

Does anybody know of any grad programs that are not very selective?


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Apply to Brown's biotech program! I got in with a 2.8 uGPA and GRE: Q165, V160, W5.5. I also had one publication "in review" and a few poster presentations listed on my resume... It's worth it and I felt that the school cares more about experience than grades. Good luck! 

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Understandable, and of course everyone has their own situations going in... I have about $170k in student loan debt from undergrad/grad combined and I know that the investment will be worth it because this industry is booming and is predicted to continue this way for several years to come. Of course, if you choose the academia route, the pay off won't be as nice, but I do think you have a shot at an amazing school that will help you get that well-paying consulting job. 

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