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Spring Admission to MPA - NYU / SIPA


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Hello all, 

Quick question regarding  NYU Wagner and Columbia SIPA - am I decreasing my chances by applying for Spring admission to their respective MPA programs?  There seems to be a thread from a few years back stating that SIPA admits roughly the same percentage of a much smaller applicant pool in the spring (which was my initial understanding when I began this process), but other than that, there is precious little information regarding spring admission to either program - on their respective websites, this site, and the internet at large, so to speak.

The reasoning behind my timetable was largely due to the cyclical nature of my job with early fall deadlines / early winter notification for Spring admission making the most sense for me. Realistically, I am a good candidate for both programs, but, as far as I can tell, by no means standout.  Would it significantly increase my odds to apply either early action at SIPA, or wait until NYU's first general fall deadline in December?

Chances are I am overthinking this.  Just curious if anyone else is in the same boat, or has any insight.  This forum really has been instrumental in preserving my sanity throughout this process.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! Yes - I was admitted to both.  I'm ecstatic!

My advice to anyone on the fence or who thinks they are not standout enough - just apply, because you probably are.

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