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I am working on my CV and relevant coursework is required.  How are you guys approaching this?  I think there are obvious courses to include such as research methods or statistics, but I am trying to figure out how to handle my political science coursework.  Should I include coursework relevant to my sub-field or those relevant to my research interests?  Of course there is some overlap between the two, but how are you guys approaching this? Also, what is your grade cut off for including a course on your CV? 

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but some input would be great.  Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately, this is for a program, which has required template for CV's.  It asks for relevant coursework, research skills, etc.  For everywhere else, I have a much simpler version.

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I would agree with @Comparativist - this really isn't one of the parts of your application that will be scrutinized heavily. I would recommend listing whatever courses you wouldn't want the adcomm to miss while looking over your transcript, but chances are that if you made the shortlist they'll read the whole transcript anyway. If this is in regards to UT, my anecdotal evidence is that I didn't do the required template but got in anyway. But, YMMV.

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