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Is there a group like this if you are already in grad school?

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Hi,  I was wondering if anyone knows if there is something like this where you can post questions once you are already in grad school.  I was an out-of-field candidate so I don't feel like I have as much information as the other women in my program about where to find materials, ideas, resources, etc.  I know about pinterest and teachers-pay-teachers but I was wondering if I was missing websites directly about speech therapy, especially for adults.  My program has lots of games but I have adult clients so it's more like where to find things suitable for adults.  Thanks!

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While I think the majority of posters on these forums are applicants, there are lots of people that stay and continue to post while students and even after graduation. Some people post about field-specific things in the field-specific forum (like this one), or one of the general forums for grad students, e.g. one of the ones here: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/71-grad-school-life/

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My cohort had a running facebook group chat. Thry used it mainly for questions and resources during the semester. That was far more useful than any pinterest or forum out there because they knew what I was looking for better (from class discussions) and connected me to more relevant resources.

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