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Which Schools can I apply for PhD in Biomedical Engineering?




I graduated in a low rank university with 3/4 GPA however, I am finishing my master's degree in the best university of a foreign country (universally known better) (My MSc university is a well-known one. around 400 in QS ranking, though locally the best one). My stats are as following:

B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

GPA: 3/4

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

GPA: 4/4

TOEFL iBT: 100/120

note: It is expired. I am taking a new one in 2 weeks. hope to score higher.



Q: 162

V: 147




2 peer-reviewed journals (published but not first author)

1 being reviewed at the moment (first author)

1 or 2 are being prepared but not sure if they make the application

8 conference presentations (6 first author)


I am looking for the schools for PhD in biomedical engineering with full funding. What is the range of ranking that I definitely have a chance? and which range should I try?

Should I contact the PIs or just apply directly to the school.

I have contacted one from a good university and he said that the routine is that I have to apply and after first year the PIs will support the students.

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