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Multiple GRE attempts


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Hello- I haven't gotten much help from the few admissions committees I've reached out about this, so I figured I'd ask here- 

I took the GRE three times, received a poor/mediocre score on the first round (157 V, 155 Q, 5.0 W), a better but still meh score the second time (158 V, 157 Q, 5.5 W), and then a better verbal but significantly worse quant score the third time (160 V, 152 Q, 5.5 W). 

I was thinking of taking the test a fourth time, but then relocated to East Africa for work, and it's difficult to find a place to sit for the exam here. I'm applying to a range of top public policy and international development programs, and I'm wondering if it would be to my detriment to submit all three scores, or if I should only submit the two most recent scores. On the one hand, I thought it might be worth showing that I tried the darn thing three times, but then again, I'm not so sure. Would this be something to address in any additional essays/supplemental materials, too?

Other things about me: I have a 3.7 undergrad GPA and have taken additional coursework to supplement my poor quant background (I work for an accounting and consulting firm but didn't take much econ, etc. in college). I graduated from college in 2010 and have worked for a management consulting firm in public sector/development projects since. 

Anyway- I so appreciate any thoughts you might have about my predicament. Thank you in advance for your time! 

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Hmmm I am not an admission committee, but I would just like to give some advice.

The second score already gave you quite a good score to give it a shot for college. It would be best to know the GRE Score requirement for the University or College you are looking into enrolling instead of getting another GRE Exam (for the 4th time). Each school has different GRE Requirements and your scores might do pretty well in getting you admitted to your dream school.

Also, you might want to re-evaluate your preparation guidelines/technique. Discover which section/part you are having a hold back. Most GRE Takers only take 1 prep test course to help them with their GRE preparation, others usually took all prep course available to ensure the highest score. I have been taking 3 prep courses available on the market - Preped, Magoosh and Kaplan. You might want to check it out :)

Also, I'll share to you a GRE Vocabulary Review Guide provided by Preped and Vince Kotchian:

Hope my own experience can help you.
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