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Worth mentioning a 3.47 gpa?


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I am currently applying to programs and wondered if mentioning my lower gpa (3.47) is worth it, particularly for Berkeley. I graduated seven years ago and have since gone on to work both overseas and locally with underserved populations in positions that I believe will help my application stand out (local government agencies, schools, and the Peace Corps + volunteer work). I also have a fairly unique future career interest and language skill that I hope will work for me in the application reading process. However, my undergrad (a double major in education and theology) is fairly spotty--bouncing from a semester high of 4.0 to a low of 2.7. At the time I was deep into an eating disorder and my grades were a bit uneven (though generally in the 3.4-3.7 range) with the 2.7 coming the summer semester my father was diagnosed with cancer. I've been in recovery for five+ years and can definitely spin it as a success story, but I'd rather not mention it if it would be drawing unnecessary attention to something they wouldn't even be concerned about since I'm already going to have to mention withdrawing my first semester due to medical issues.


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You will be sending your transcripts, so GPA will be in their hands anyway. 

Probably the best thing, rather than dwelling on the negative in your various personal statements, is to have a recommender mention the problem(s), how you're a good  student when you don't have to deal with them, that you are in successful recovery, etc.  

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