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Very sick with two important classes today

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Thought I would throw this out there - I have two classes today, one that meets regularly and one that only meets once a month. The once a month class is a panel discussion with a variety of visiting scholars and as it’s only once a month, it is fairly mandatory. Problem is that I have a pretty bad case of bronchitis. I never ever thought I would be considering missing a class.  I not only do feel terrible, but I’m comcerned about coughing when the panelists are speaking/being locked in two small rooms for 3 hours each when I’m obviously contagious. Should I ditch the classes and stay home? Should I suck it up? When I was working I never took sick days, but I would have stayed home for this.

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Do not go to class. Ask around and see if one or two classmates will take especially good notes and provide a copy. You can buy them coffee when you're well.

Do not go to class. Rest up and get well.

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This might be waaay too late now, but for other people with the same question: I myself got the flu followed by a sinus infection last Friday. I had to miss two days of classes, but my professors were really cool about it. I thought about missing class this way: if I was a colleague/professor/presenter, would I want to be in a room with me? Would I be mad if, knowing the details of my condition, I didn't come? Would I encourage someone feeling as I did to go home and not worry about it, or would I tell them to tough it out?

I have had a couple of my professors this semester emphasize the importance of self-care, and I think that that needs to be spoken of more often. Grad school is so hard on our bodies-- we work long hours, which precludes cooking healthy meals for ourselves or getting a little exercise or even sleeping enough. Take care of yourself! 

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