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Have I sunk any and all of my chances with my quant score?


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So my official GRE scores (with percentiles and AW) came in today, and they came out to be:

163 V (93%)

150 Q (38% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

4.5 AW (82%)

Have I sunk any and all chance I had at getting in anywhere, never mind top 5/10/whatever? I'm applying to Sociology PhD programs and plan on focusing on qualitative methods and ethnography (since I come from Anthropology, i.e. a qualitative and ethnographic background), but I've heard scary things like "yes, programs expect sociology applicants to have a 160 or better on quant."

My other stats:

3.34 cumulative UG GPA

3.75 GPA (last 2 years of UG)

3.9-4.0 Master's coursework GPA (I did a master's degree abroad so these are rough estimations) 

I did a senior capstone project in UG (qualitative) that I made an A on

I also took a statistics class in UG that I made an A in (this professor is writing one of my LORs)

I also did a year of ethnographic fieldwork in the country where I did my master's degree. This research is very much related to the research I wish to pursue in a PhD program.

I know 2 languages, one fluently and the other at an intermediate level (both of which are important to my research)

I recently published an article not in an academic journal but in a publication that is geared toward academics/a publication that many academics in the field/with similar interests to mine hold in high regard

So taking all of that into account, did my GRE quant score completely doom my chances anywhere? I'm applying to a range of programs, but the "lowest ranked" program I'm applying to is somewhere in the 30s.


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