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Economics MS to Sociology PhD


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After browsing, I was hoping I could get some help. 

I received my BS in economics. I then enrolled into an MS in economics. I will graduate next semester and have realized how much more interested I am in the qualitative side of economic research and am interested in pursuing a PhD in sociology.  So the question is, will my economics background be a positive for admission, or will it be something I need to explain why I am switching course. 

I would appreciate any advise. Also, for more context I will be applying to a variety of PhD programs throughout the top 50. My BS and MS are from the same state school with a heterodox economics program. 

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I think any time you are switching fields you need to be able to explain why you are making the change.  I made the switch from my MA (anthropology) to a PhD program in Soc and certainly had to be able to articulate why I wanted to make said switch.  I would say that it'll be an asset in that you will come in with lots of stats experience which will allow you to focus on qualitative methods and not struggle with the quant ones (I am doing the opposite with the switch I made).  At any rate one of my peers came in with her MA from an economic program and it has helped her lots/she has lots of interesting contributions to seminars.  Hope this helps!

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