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Statement of Purpose- COunseling psychology


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I was wondering if I can get an outside eye on my statement of purpose. Specifically, the portion on why I want to be a psychologist. I believe it is decent but don't know what else to add. Any help/addition is appreciated :D


"The reason I want to be a psychologist is to expand the psychological treatment services offered and implemented to males. While research has grown over the last 15 years, many professionals in the field are unaware of the discrepancy in males being diagnosed with depression or the idea of males suppressing or “masking” their symptoms. Because of that, I want to integrate the latest research literature to the assessment of males. The qualities I possess that are important for my future as a psychologist are: my work ethic gives me the ability to work on multiple projects at once while being able to give each project my full attention, as well as my commitment to providing empirically based interventions. From a cultural standpoint, I am observant of the impact culture has on psychological assessment. I want to be able to provide diverse populations proper treatment in order to be effective." 

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I feel like your opening sentence may need some re-working. There is an NIH push to accept more research proposals that focus on women and children because males used to be the go to population for psychological research. So while this may be different for your specific interests this hasn' been the trend for the field. 


Your second sentence may rub someone the wrong way, and males masking depression symptoms I think is a pretty common idea even among practitioners. Is there anyway you can re-frame this to speak more about u unerstanding the nuanced differences in the mechanism of depression in males vs females.


Overall I feel like you don' need a dedicated paragraph for this and why you want to be a psychologist should be threaded throughout. Moreso i feel like you should focus on why school x will allow you to accomplish these goals and how you can contribute to the work of specific professors in that program. Also saw you DM! Will reply shortly!

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