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NY Master's in Education... General Core Requirements? Freaking out.


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I'm a current Senior at a small liberal arts school and I want to earn my Master's in Secondary English Education in NY. The problem is that every program I look at includes a looong list of prerequisite "General Educational Core" courses in which I'm supposed to have credits before I apply. Here's an example from Hofstra:

Artistic Expression/Humanities (3 s.h.)
Communication (3 s.h.)
Information Retrieval or placement exam (0-3 s.h.)
Concepts in History/Social Science (3 s.h.)
Language other than English (3 s.h.)
Scientific Processes (3 s.h.)
Mathematical Processes (3 s.h.)
Literature, Analysis and Written Expression (6 s.h.)

The problem is that my college doesn't have core requirements and so I don't have any credits in over half of these areas! All the other NY schools I've looked at, including CUNY and SUNY, have similar lists. I have a 4.0 and can get excellent recommendations, but will I have any chance if I don't meet these prerequisites? I was already planning to take a gap year and, if need be, take community college courses to make up the credits I need, but looking at this list I'm not even sure if I can take all of these courses in a year! Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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Hi @sailorsunflower. Since your question was a couple of months ago, I'm guessing you've probably already contacted the particular schools you're applying to in order to ask their advice. But just in case not...I did an Ed.M in English Education at a SUNY. They did need all the requirements to be met, but they were somewhat flexible in what they would count as meeting the requirement. For example, one requirement was a global history course, but in undergrad I only took Western Civ. So to meet that global requirement, they allowed me to use a philosophy course I took on Zen Buddhism. If you shelved this concern while working on other things, I'd strongly suggest contacting the schools for how they'd approach it. :) 

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