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Profile Evaluation] phd for business analytics / management science


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Test Scores (GRE): V152(56%) , Q164(87%) , AW 4.0 (60%)

I graduated from one of the top tier universities in my country (Not US and North America)

Undergrad GPA: 3.42 / 4.0 (full tuition waiver for 4 yrs) - Major (Business Administration)
Graduate GPA: 3.91 / 4.0 (full tuition waiver for 2 yrs) - Major (Business Analytics)

* both of the tuition waiver - merit based

Research Experience: One conference proceeding in IEEE related conference (Co 1st author) + oral presentation
Teaching Experience: 3 TA ships (Microeconomics, organizational behavior, Marketing Management

Work Experience: 2 industry projects; one at an international research firm, the other at my university as RA

Concentration Applying to: Business analytics / Management Science / MIS
Number of programs planned to apply to: around 20
Dream Schools: U of Washington, U of Pittsburgh, U of Iowa, Western University (Canada)

Any additional specific questions you may have:

Why are the applicants for the three tracks I mentioned above so rare? Can anyone tell me why they are so scant here?

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