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Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

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I am scared I will have no admits. Everything I have read suggests I should have multiple funded offers, but I don’t have a backup plan right now so I am freaking out (probably for no reason).  I am graduating in three years, but I don’t know if that is helpful.

Institution: Tier 1 State School with Math PhD program (no stats)

Major: Mathematics 

GPA: 3.79 overall, 3.86 upper-level math

Type of Student:  Domestic White Female 

GRE General Test:

Q: 167

V: 160

W: 4

Research Experience: over 2 years of research experience on a independent project

Work: research

Honors Award : undergraduate researcher of the department twice (both years in college), honorable mention in national undergraduate paper contest

Courses :

Calc 1/2/3 (A,A,B),  linear algebra (A), intro to proof (A), real analysis I (A),  numerical analysis (B), Math stat 1/2 (A,A), Diff Eq (A) , Likely As in Econometrics and Real Analysis 


basically none

Letters of Recommendation:

math stat professor, research advisor, and either real analysis prof (to show mathematical maturity) or honors seminar prof (to show my collaboration skills and passion about teaching statistics)


UT Austin

Texas A&M


Kansas State




Florida State

Virginia Tech

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