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MPH vs MS and profile review


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Hi guys, 

I am an international applicant applying for the environmental health science MS/MPH program this year. The unis I've shortlisted are:

  1. Columbia 
  2. Boston University
  3. UNC-Chapel Hill
  4. NYU
  5. USC
  6. Ohio State
  7.  Univ of Minnesota (twin cities)

Profile: My undergrad GPA (life sciences) is 3.86 on 4 and I am currently pursuing a post-graduate diploma in clinical research. WES evaluation is still underway and TOEFL iBT is 110.  I have one publication and around 5month research experience in computational biology. I have also done an add-on course in medical biotech and interned at a tox lab for 3 months. I have decent LORs from my professors and a research scientist. 

The low: my GRE score is 313 (155q, 158v). Lack of experience in public health (is it an important factor?)

What are my chances with my current status? Could you suggest unis where I have a higher chance of getting in? Should I edit the list? Also, what is the difference between MPH and MS. Which one is preferable for a job in the industry?

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As far as I understand, your CV is fine for a MS/MPH program. I've been told that schools take into account the fact that you're international when reviewing your GRE scores (I'm international as well, so I was also concerned about that when I applied for the MS). 

About MS/MPH, it's hard to tell. Here at Columbia, students from both programs take most of the classes together. The differences are mostly the core classes, number of credits (I'm pretty sure that the MPH requires more) and the necessity of a Practicum.

I hope I didn't answer too late! =D

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