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Skype vs In Person

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So I have a question regarding interviews for counseling psychology programs. I’ve received 3 interviews so far but two of these fall on the same day.. one of the programs is one of my top choices for academic and personal reasons (my partner would have a job in that city by transferring locations through their current job), the other program is also high on my list and provides better funding, Lower cost of living, etc. Both are great schools. School A has declined me any alternatives to the interview day but School B said I can do a skype interview as an alternative (school B is higher on my list though). My question is whether doing my interview via skype could hurt my admission chances at all as I really don’t want to do anything to automatically bump me down the list if that makes sense. This is the only way that I would be able to interview with both schools... but I’ve received conflicting advice on this from different people. Any advice is appreciated!!!



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I know that one of the schools I applied to (UGA) explicitly stated that a skype interview would lower the applicant's chances of admission to the school. The others that I've applied to have definitely been more open to skype interviews, and I know that one of my close friends got a placement at two schools that he skype interviewed at. 

Best of luck, and hope to see you at Kentucky :)

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