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  1. If anyone here is planning on declining a SSHRC award, that information would be much-appreciated by us waitlisters (a small sliver of hope, you know?!)! Thanks.
  2. I think they do upgrade fellowships to CGS, as people on other threads have mentioned being bumped up from a Doctoral Fellowship to a CGS. I tried calling re: the waitlist (I'm #3 on the waitlist for committee 1b) and got the runaround: they absolutely won't comment on the likelihood of receiving funding of you're on the waitlist. They did, however, tell me I shouldn't expect to hear anything "before Fall, at the earliest."
  3. My letter finally arrived today. Waitlisted with a score of 12.7/20 from committee 1
  4. Nothing in the mail today in Austin, TX 😣
  5. For anyone else in the U.S. (I'm in Texas), as a point of reference, it took 8 days from the date of my initial letter in February until I received it. The struggle is real.
  6. Hi Brillantine11, Yes, I meant the letter that informs an applicant that they've been forwarded. So, to confirm, we won't know our scores until the final results are announced in April?
  7. Hi all, I've heard people mention that they receive their "score" on the initial letter from SSHRC, but I was just reviewing my letter and I can't see the score anywhere. Any idea where to find this information?
  8. In Austin, TX. Just found out today that I'm being forwarded!
  9. Hi all! First-time forum poster--and first time SSHRC Doctoral applicant! I applied externally since I study at a U.S. school. I'm just curious if anyone knows the timeline for notification about the awards? I've heard that you get some kind of notification around February if your application has been advanced to the next level of adjudication, and then final results in May. Is that correct? Cheers!