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  1. Thanks fuzzylogicians! As you said, I don't think it is a good idea to accept an unfunded offer. Even though the school I got an offer with a full funding package is famous with computational linguistics, during the interview I found out I am not that interested in my POI' project. Also, I am waitlisted in UW computer linguistics program and I haven't heard anything from them yet. I am working in the company related with computer linguisitics now, and I already told my supervisor I will quit because I start my phd this fall. ( I guess it was too early to tell him!!!) As you said, I need to email my POI and ask him about the timeline. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the advice! I already got an another offer from the school in Canada, which is kinda famous in computational linguistics with a full-funding package. But I always wanted to go to Georgetown.. But you guys are right. It will defenetely look bad on my CV.
  3. Hi:) Have you heard anything from them?
  4. Hi, I was accepted into Georgetown (phd) in the early Feb. The official acceptance letter said I am currently being considered for a full funding package. My POI said they will make initial funding offers within a few days. But I haven't heard anything from them yet.. I should decide if I accept the offer by 4/15. I haven't accept thier offer yet because I haven't heard anything about the funding. Would it be helpful (or look better?) to get funding if I accept thier offer first? This is my top choice and I am eager to study there.. Thanks in advance!