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To φ or not to φ

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    2017 Fall
  1. Go ahead and apply to some PhD programs, if you'd like to. I didn't have a C grade but I did have a couple of B- grades in Philosophy courses (albeit introductory classes) and I received a PhD offer from a good program (also, I wasn't from a top institution).
  2. Today marks the end of the application season. I guess, at least for most of us, we won't be posting on this forum anymore soon. I've certainly learnt a lot from this supportive community. For that, I'd like to thank all of you. Wherever you may be heading, I wish you success in your future endeavors and in your philosophical journeys!
  3. Declined Wisconsin Milwaukee and, slightly earlier, Georgia State.
  4. Declined Indiana and removed myself from Colorado's waitlist.
  5. Declined Western Michigan and Dalhousie.
  6. Hello! Congrats! I got rejected from Brandeis! Not even wait-listed! :<
  7. After searching "Brandeis" in this sub-forum, the most I've seen is those who have received an informal notification but who have yet to receive a formal letter. Sadly, I've not even received an informal notification. Thanks anyway!
  8. Not really venting here, but has anyone not heard from Brandeis yet?
  9. Congrats! Didn't know they weren't done yet with their waitlist offers!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Come on, UNC.
  12. Could you kindly tell the admissions committee to accept me?
  13. I see.. good luck!
  14. Interesting. Just out of curiosity, did you get the letters from the faculty members at your current PhD program?
  15. You're not the only one! I've been thinking about this, too.