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    2017 Fall
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    Dalla Lana School of Public Health - Epi
  1. Hey guys I didn't get any new emails from UofT but I noticed DLSPH has the 2017 fall and 2018 winter timetables up! We can start planning our schedule :')
  2. I'm sure your university has a course. Each school has a list of requirements you can check to see if thay statistics course is sufficient. Look around and take a statistics course this year!
  3. I'm just making a note of your username. Ga gi nang! 😁
  4. Yes mine changed to "decision made" EDIT: after I received my official offer I'm really confused how that works. If we're specialising in Epidemiology then I guess we can't specialise in global health too right?
  5. Thanks! Guess I just needed a bit of patience haha
  6. I got my official acceptance from UofT epi today!
  7. That's really reassuring! Thanks for letting me know. Part of me kind of keeps denying that I've been accepted, like it's been a mistake or I missed it in my email 😂
  8. 2 weeks since the unofficial acceptances went out for UofT MPH - Epi. Still no official acceptance yet
  9. UTMail is still down for me too
  10. They only sent an email to my UofT email (since I'm a UofT student). And no problem I'm happy to answer what I can
  11. Honestly you sound so qualified! I don't have anything worth mentioning like you do, so I'd be surprised if you didn't get accepted. I had great reference letters and an extremely honest letter of intent. Nothing special.
  12. Yes! I'm from UofT I just checked. Still "under review". I'm guessing it'll update when official acceptances come from the university! Stats as in GPA? I think it was around 3.8 last I checked
  13. Just wanted to add that I got a recommendation for admission into UofT Epidemiology on Friday! (This was right before the UTMail outage for UofT students) I'm actually so excited and surprised that I was accepted. I was only able to apply to 2 MPHs due to circumstances at the time and since I was already rejected from McMaster I didn't have much hope left for UofT. Miracles do happen. Good luck to the rest!