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  1. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Right, my mistake then. Maybe they have some sort of backup waitlist?? Try calling them
  2. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    They usually don't send out rejections until the end by snail mail
  3. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Anyone from any stream can apply to this. It is a collaborative program that is done alongside your specialization (ie. Epi, OEH, Nutrition). There are certain requirements that you have to meet in terms of courses you take or practicum placements you do. I was originally going to do this collaborative program but have decided on another.
  4. MPH Canada Fall 2017

  5. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    I'm not going to lie, I felt the same way!
  6. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Took me close to 3 weeks to receive my official offer via email following the unofficial acceptance, stay strong!
  7. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    No deposit!
  8. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Just health promo. EPI is somewhere around 40-50ish, OEH is 16 and Nutrition is about 15 i think.
  9. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Epi always seems to be the latest, usually OEH sends out their offers first! Hope you get in!!
  10. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    ^^^ this is accurate!
  11. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Congrats on your offer!
  12. MPH Canada Fall 2017

    Hey Barnmucker, I would say that overall you need strong references to be considered competitive in these programs. Most schools do ask for at least 1 academic reference I think, so do your best in getting a Prof who can really speak to your academic ability as a reference, as it will provide the admissions committee with more confidence that you will be able to handle the workload. Good Luck!