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  1. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if rejections/waitlist have already been sent out for Waterloo? This wait is making me so anxious.
  2. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    Do you know if there are any students in your class that were accepted with healthcare experience that isn't directly related to public health?
  3. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    I spoke with the admissions counsellor and she said they separate applicants into two categories: undergrad and public health. Students accepted right out of undergrad tend to have higher GPAs than those with public health experience. Does anyone have any more info on admission stats?
  4. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    The website says mid-April!
  5. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    Has anyone received an acceptance to Waterloo yet?
  6. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    MPH! That's good to know, thanks for clarifying!
  7. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    Thats what I thought too but I called the school this morning and they said they had sent out acceptances! Here's hoping they will send out another round of offers soon.
  8. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    Waterloo applicants - Is it safe to assume a rejection is coming if we haven't received an acceptance/waitlist email?
  9. mph2018w

    MPH Canada 2018

    To anyone that has gotten accepted to Waterloo, do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks! Also, have some rejections been sent out already?

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