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  1. Thank you...... Can u pls..tell...when did Ur frnd got an email from Alberta?.. I enquired on last Wed/Thursday...they said no movement in waiting list
  2. Thank you dear....... Also I am trying to figure out..what was the last date given to candidate s...who were accepted into the program........
  3. Yes....but nothing heard from them since ages.... Don't knw how this waiting thing works there....
  4. Hi all, Anyone waiting to hear from Alberta mph global health?
  5. Hi all, Those who got accepted in Alberta mph global health, what was the last date offered to accept d admission.
  6. Thank you... Can you pls share Ur profile.
  7. Did anyone heard from Alberta global health MPH?
  8. Did anyone heard from alberta MPH global health program?
  9. I also got rejection last week.....extremely sad Had high hopes with USASk..all this while
  10. I feel that there are very less seats in MPH, as compared to US Universities...and further to that .. less proportion of seats for international students. And also fees is on a lower side.....therefore too many applicants.
  11. Did anyone apply to UNB MAHSR course?
  12. Did anyone heard anything from USASK recently?
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