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Is there anyone still waiting for CS PhD result from CMU?

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This is already May and I still don't get any notification from CMU.

I sent them an inquiry e-mail once, but I got no response. Is there anyone in the same situation? What should I do?

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I am in the same situation. I have also tried sending an e-mail a week ago, and I didn't get any response back either. I more interested in the ACO program, which might be a reason for delays, assuming that all three participating schools must decide on the applicants together.

In general though, I guess that people who haven't got a reply are in some kind of waiting list. Therefore, the only thing to do, since they don't reply to e-mails, is to be patient.

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Anyone still waiting on an official reply, please send email to csd-phd-admissions@cs.cmu.edu

if you have sent emails previously, please try again.


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