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  1. Hi there, @ReidGN. I am curious as to why you rated me down for my post, which generated quite a bit of positive discussion, and in which you didn't even participate. I would appreciate some constructive feedback, please. 

  2. I am wondering if there are any PhD in Management students or grads out there who successfully got into a PhD program after having completed an MBA? How did you demonstrate "research skills" in your PhD application? I have an Undergrad in Business, and am working at a major CPG company in Marketing. My long-term career aspirations, however, are to teach Marketing at university or college level. Generally a PhD is required to teach full-time at university, and is an asset for college teaching jobs. So, my next step is a Masters program, but I want to make sure I go into the right Masters program to enable me to pursue a PhD later on, and to be employable as a business school prof. Depending on who I ask, I am getting conflicting responses, so I would love some advice from people who have actually successfully pursued a business school professor career path. - BBA --> MBA --> PhD. I would love to get an MBA, as it will also help me advance in my current career, and make me more employable if my teaching career falls through for some reason. However, I am told that since MBA is not a research-based degree, I might have trouble applying for a PhD later and might have to go get another Masters degree (e.g. MSc) anyways. - BBA --> MSc in Management --> PhD. MSc is seen as the prep program to PhD. I am concerned, however, that the MSc degree wouldn't be of much use for my marketing/CPG resume in case I decide to continue in my current career. Personally, I would much prefer to get an MBA degree instead of MSc, but would love advice on what else to do to ensure my PhD application will look great. Thanks for your adivce!

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