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  1. Upgraded from Alternate to Accepted for a Full Research Grant to Italy!!!! Beyond excited right now!!!
  2. Rejected as well. That's 0/3 on fellowships. Looks like Ill be applying to all 3 next year
  3. Alternate to Italy I just wanted a definitive answer, this is very annoying.
  4. I haven't heard back yet regarding my Fulbright, but it should be any day now. For those of you who were awarded Full Grants, did they tell you the stipend amount in the offer? Thanks.
  5. So since it's past 5PM EST today, do you think it's too late to hear back from them today? I was really hoping and thinking that I would hear back today because Italy usually sends out notifications around first few days of April.
  6. I accepted the offer last week and then emailed Roger Kuhn. He confirmed that I had accepted the offer because he gets a notification or sees your name appear on the list once you accept. I haven't received any other information yet.
  7. I don't know about you, but I have accepted an offer from grad school already. If I get the Fulbright I would just defer my admission for a year, which is no problem with the program. Just find out if your grad schools allow you to defer admission after accepting their offer and this should clear things up for you.
  8. Wait list email as well. I'm in chemistry and will start phd in the fall.
  9. Did anyone else get an email today saying that they are still being considered for an award? And any idea if this means anything?
  10. I believe (but don't quote me on this) that half, if not more than half, of Munger is reserved for law students and the rest of the spots are available for other graduate students. I know one person in the chemistry PhD program who I met on my visit who got assigned to Munger for his first year of grad school.
  11. Yeah, graduate housing seems to be really good and convenient, so I will definitely be doing it for my first year at least. You can fill out a housing application online starting in mid April until mid May and as long as you fill it out by the May deadline, you have an equal chance of getting your top choice housing as anyone else. Hope that helps.
  12. So will we be getting an email or do we need to check our application online?
  13. Nice ray!! Yeah, I'll be moving from NY to Cali to attend Stanford!!
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