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  1. @A Librarian I'm a first year PhD student at U of M in their STS program (I've completed the STS requirements because I have a master's degree from here as well and I started the STS certificate while in that program). I'm in American Culture & STS. I share an interest in the history of technology but I'm interested in the how improvements in technology in the early-mid 20th century enabled things like mass incarceration and eugenic sterilization programs. Anyway, I know you're in the sucky waiting for decisions phase but I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!
  2. Hi heddatron, I learned of their decision in early February of this year. I think February is the typical time frame. As for your area of research, I know that UMich is trying to expand their Arab & Muslim American studies program. We're actually bringing on a new faculty member next year who specializes in gender & the Middle East (I don't know who it will be, they're still in the search process but that is what they're looking for). I think your area of interest would be quite interesting to our department and would certainly fit in with the mission of AC here to expand the study of American Culture beyond the borders of the US. In other words, I definitely don't think that your area of interest would keep you out of the program due to lack of fit. Also, UMich typically tries to get an entering class of 6-8. My cohort only has 2 students and because of that they may be looking to expand the size of the incoming cohort. Best of luck!
  3. Hey all! I went through this last year and am a PhD student at UMich. I don't see anyone applying there but if anyone has questions, happy to answer. Good luck everyone!
  4. Michigan I want to know who else is in my cohort. It seems that almost everyone at our admissions day chose somewhere else.
  5. Hey there- if there are any AC people admitted to Michigan who have questions about the program, let me know. I know the website kinda sucks but my boss gave me a copy of the handbook from 2014-15 and it answered a ton of my questions lol.
  6. I have been accepted into the joint History & WS program at Michigan. We're supposed to get all the same info as the regular History students but it's been silent. If you could share funding and visit day info, I'd be very appreciative (also sent a PM)
  7. Has anyone from Michigan's history program heard anything about the admissions days or funding? It's been silent for me :/
  8. Ouch... I think it's probably worth remembering that it was likely typed up by a secretary and not the faculty you'd be working closely with. Which Michigan sent my info to current students/faculty, they spelled my last name wrong (common last name) and gave me the wrong degree (which I am getting FROM Michigan lol). It's annoying, but I didn't think more of it. I admit that that would definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth :/
  9. Lol that's at least more than they told me. Thanks CONGRATS, PD33!!
  10. I actually haven't the slightest clue how summer funding works. For American Culture, we get 6k of summer funding for no apparent reason. It's like "Hey, thanks for surviving the year. Here's some funding so you don't starve this summer!" I know that there are GSI positions in the summer. That would cover tuition
  11. The American Culture department here at UMich told me my funding info when they called me to tell me I'd been accepted. I thought that was standard procedure until I started reading gradcafe lol. I'm taking a stab that the Michigan funding package will look something like: years 1, 4, 5, fellowship (9.5k-ish/semester)+ tuition. years 2, 3 GSI positions which is about the same funding. Plus health and dental insurance. This seems to be a pretty standard LSA package here. The difference being who gets guaranteed summer funding and who doesn't.
  12. According to my POI, only about 1/2 - 2/3 of those accepted into Michigan's history program choose it. I'm pulling for those on the waitlist!! I wish they'd send us funding info though :/
  13. I am probably not the one to give advice about this as I have no degrees in either history or women's studies and yet was accepted into Michigan's History & Women's Studies programs. With that said, I think it is much easier to go from a History MA to a WS's PhD than a WS MA to a History PhD. It seems to me that your interests fall more into history with a feminist lens. That is certainly doable in history departments. It's also worth looking into schools where they value interdisciplinary work even within more structured programs (ie history). Good luck!
  14. I did not choose Columbia lol. I chose Michigan because the thought of living in New York scared the crap out of me. U of M gave me a much smaller scholarship but it still ended up costing less overall since I didn't have to pay NY rent
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