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  1. Speaking of interviews - does anyone know which schools typically do interviews before admission? I've heard that Northwestern does it (Irvine too apparently), and that USC doesn't. Would love to know about the other programs! How do you guys feel about the interviews? And, to the people who already had some - how did they go? Personally I'm not too fond of the idea... (on account of shyness) but I am of course as eager as anyone to get one.
  2. Right on, congratulations on the good news! & please keep on posting for everyone's sake Programs I'm waiting to hear from: Brown UCSB UT Austin Northwestern IU Bloomington Good luck everyone!
  3. Hello! Anyone out there, who's made their final decisions?
  4. flip-a

    Bloomington, IN

    Hello everyone, I'd really be thankful if someone could give me an insight on living in Bloomington. I am an international prospective student who is applying to 5 PhD programs this Fall, and one of my preferences is in Bloomington. However, I have met several Americans recently who strongly discouraged me to go there. They say the university is great, but the city is not really a city but a village, and it can get depressing fast. This makes me a little uneasy. I'm not very fond of the idea of moving to someplace potentially depressing for 4-6 years. :-/ Can anyone give me feedba
  5. One more question: In a CV for grad school should you include extracurricular activities and community involvement? (In Europe they are rarely included, but someone told me it was an important asset in the US) And do you think it is ok to include research conducted outside of academia (but similar in design)? E.g. research made in an art institution.
  6. Hey Swagato, thank you a lot (I mean it) for the info. That's really the kind of information we are needing at the moment for decision making. Especially regarding Berkeley's program, which I was more/less about to dismiss (although I did send an inquiry e-mail to confirm the facts). I understand that fit is highly important. I've corresponded via e-mail with faculty from some of these Departments, and some professors have given me positive feedback regarding my interests/fit or showed interest in working together. That looks like a good sign. However, they haven't seen my full applicatio
  7. Thanks for the thorough explanation, that really helps to get a grasp of how it works. Now that I continued my search I found out examples of what you just posted. I actually *did* find a humanities lab, which works more less in the terms you described in terms of funding - only it is an inter-university initiative, and therefore works differently regarding admission and administration. Other than that, there were really no labs in the programs I looked at. So it is not necessary to contact professors before applying. However, I did contact a few about whose work I was particularly int
  8. That's cool! Actually after recently contacting faculty at several programs, my list came to resemble yours a bit more: I'm also considering Berkeley (besides the program itself I'm interested in the Critical Theory designated emphasis), and USC's Critical Studies. I've been told that Berkeley had major budget cuts and fellowships for doctoral students are now rare, though, and even more so for international students (unfortunately, I'll have to take that into consideration before applying). Harvard's Media Anthropology program looks outstanding - and so does the Film and Visual S
  9. Hello, I have a somehow urgent question: About "faculty accepting students" - this only happens in science departments, or in the humanities too? In Portugal, one should contact specific faculty for tutoring perspectives before applying. But I have contacted some professors asking whether they are currently accepting students, and they answered that the program does, not specific faculty. If some can please clarify how it works, i'd be grateful. Thank you
  10. Planning is definitely vital, but overplanning (planning, as AboveTheRim said in the above post, naps, and other little things) seems to be counterproductive in my particular case. At the times when I did it, my planning became so abstruse that it started confusing me instead of helping. But then again, it really depends on the person! Other than that I also go for the "big rocks/little rocks" setup. Having a weekly planner where I can visualize tasks helps not to loose track of the things to do. I try to just write down the really important things, for the reasons I mentioned above. When
  11. Thanks for the replies, especially regarding tuition. fuzzylogician that is worthy advice..! Concerning funding in the Spring app cycle that's a good question, would like to hear more on that too.
  12. I've just seen your reply now, but thanks, great info! Actually I've decided to go for the fully theoretical route, and I'm happy about that decision. Still I'm considering of applying to Harvard's Film and Visual Studies, a program in which many faculty students are also practicing artists. The Electronic arts program looks really interesting. Good luck for your applications!
  13. This post started by being a typical "what are my chances" post but I decided to change it for something a little more interesting and helpful. I would instead urge other international applicants like myself to post useful questions that they have concerning grad school applications - especially questions that aren't very clear to someone who does not live in the US. I'll start by posting my own: - Do international students have to pay out-of-state tuition or can they register as residents? - 12 credit hours = 1 semester, right? (it seems like so, but the credit system isn't so trans
  14. In keeping with the forum's tradition, I'm starting this year's Media/Film studies own thread. It would be great to share some thoughts, anxieties (and hopefully good news). I've found past threads to be really helpful, with insight on the various programs, which I so much need as an international student. I'm looking for Media and Culture type PhD programs where I will be able to focus on Visual Culture from a non-Art History perspective. I've found some great matches - Brown's Modern Culture and Media, NYU's Media, Culture and Communication, Northwestern's Screen Cultures (if combine
  15. Hi everyone, I recently finished my MA in Multimedia Art in Lisbon, Portugal. I am now applying for a Fulbright scholarship, in order to do a PhD program in the US. TheGradCafe forums helped immensely in narrowing down interesting programs. My MA comprised both studio practice and theoretical research presented in the form of a dissertation. Mine addressed a semiotic theory of appropriation in artistic practice. In my MA we did have Media Theory, Critical Theory and Visual Culture courses. However, everything is focused on the somehow limited and self-reflexive questions of "art
  16. Hey there, I'm also applying for a Fulbright scholarhip this year (I'm from Portugal) - would be great to hear some advice or just share the experience! When are your applications due/in what part of the process are you at the moment?
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