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  1. Short answer: Yes, that's a perfectly good double major. I know current professors and graduate students that come from many different educational backgrounds (econ, sociology, stats, etc.). There's a lot that you can learn on your own, but also a lot of added value that you only can receive in a classroom. I assume, however, that what you want to know is if you will be at a huge disadvantage in graduate school because of your lack of experience in political science? If that's what you're asking, I can say that I'm not convinced that an undergraduate degree in political science is necessar
  2. While I am sure that there are trolls who post on the board, although I have no idea how many, this is sound advice.
  3. I'd love it if you got that email from him now
  4. There's a lot of good information in this thread, especially in the last few pages. Too bad that the thread's massive! I did see that BFB gathered some links over in the other thread to his and other faculty responses. I hope future PhD students come by here to check most/all of it out when they put together their application.
  5. If others have received replies, I don't see the damage in emailing to ask. I'd go ahead and do it, and I don't think you need to mention anything besides that. Perhaps mention your subfield if they send out admittances for different subfields at different times.
  6. Close the thread, we're done here! More seriously though, I think that eponine is spot on with his post. I personally tried my hand at a MA because 1) I wasn't sure if graduate school was for me and 2) if I wanted a PhD I knew that I had to improve on parts of my application. I was lucky enough to attend a funded, terminal MA program, so the cost wasn't too high for me personally. I also think that eponine's last paragraph is sound advice. If you can get into a good PhD program straight away and you know that's what you want to do, go for it.
  7. That is a bit of a mixed bag. They do however have recent placements at schools such as University of Oregon and University of Toronto, both tenure track and schools that I wouldn't mind being placed at as a first job! You might want to look at some of their graduates and find out how many publications they had when they went on the market and what kind of placement they got. As for turning down offers, my friend is going to turn down GWU (if he hasn't already). So there's a little help for you guys at least.
  8. I briefly looked at their website and I can't locate a list of their placements, so I don't really have an understanding of where they have placed in the past. However, I do have the impression that PhDs from GWU are more likely (than other programs) to head into the policy world, or some other work outside academia. GWU's location is likely to contribute to this. I'm sure that they also do their best in order to prepare their students for academics careers, but I can't really speak to that. Maybe someone else has more knowledge of the program at GWU that can help you.
  9. I heard through a friend that was admitted to GWU that they're apparently throwing money after prospective PhD students, precisely because they are aiming to build their program. Take that for what it's worth.
  10. It sure sounds like you will be an excellent candidate for PhD programs when you apply. The only reason I can think of as to why you shouldn't apply to a PhD program is if you're not sure if graduate school is for you. A MA might serve as a trial run in that case. But even then, you could go to a PhD program and leave with a terminal MA.
  11. I know that one question almost all prospective graduate students have is "Are my GRE scores good enough?". Would you mind giving your perspectives on how much GRE scores matter, how they are used in the process, etc?
  12. I'm not sure it's as much about the process being ill-suited to select talented candidates, as much as is it is about there being so many talented candidates that it's hard to separate them from each other. Not saying that the process seems to be perfect (far from it), but I can understand that it's problematic to select the best 20 candidates from a pool of 300+ extremely talented applicants. Edit: I posted a tombola many pages back. It still feels a bit like that
  13. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have success in whatever endeavor that you now embark on (or maybe that waitlist comes true!)
  14. That does sound like an insane completion rate. Any idea what average in the discipline is? Or at your current institution?
  15. I used USNews rankings and the NRC rankings to find the top 50 (or so) programs in the country. I eliminated some of them based on location, and then I went to work on finding out what programs in that range that had a good fit for me/decent placement records/etc. I'd suggest that you do the same (within whatever range/ranking you feel comfortable with) and try to find people that study democratization. I know it's not much help, but it might aid you in discovering programs that are a good fit for you!
  16. I don't think the difference is too big between the two. The upside of going on an individual visit is probably that all attention is on you, while at a visit weekend you might get to meet some of the members of your potential cohort. I'd go with the individual visit if that's easier for you, but it's purely a personal preference on my part.
  17. I hope that you have better luck in your next cycle, if that turns out to be what you have to go through. It sounds like you have a really good idea about what this process is about and having the experience of doing it once already will surely help.
  18. I guess they weren't too helpful over at psjr? What topic in IR are you interested in? And what are your plans after completing the degree(academia, policy, etc)? More information will help people in answering your question.
  19. That is really awesome. I am sure that almost all prospective graduate students like the opportunity to interact with you guys!
  20. Woah. OSU faculty infestation! (If you're the real deal)
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