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  1. Well spotted, I am. I also have a MA from an American university. I just can't help but think that if it ends up being a decision between myself and an American, with essentially the same merits, they'd go for the American applicant because they think he/she is a safer bet. And I approve of your fascination with Sweden! Couldn't have picked a better country
  2. I have a really bad joke, thought I'd share it: All this waiting is making me want to go jump off the fiscal cliff.
  3. Are all students funded in your department? I am just assuming that the atmosphere in a department might vary a bit depending on if students feel like they have to compete for funding, compared to if they know that everyone who is admitted is guaranteed funding.
  4. What is the atmosphere like in your program? Does it feel competitive or friendly?
  5. Several weeks just to match up the scores? I feel sorry for those of you who applied. It seems like Columbia in general isn't the best when it comes to administration and graduate applications. Or, at least that's the impression I get from reading people's comments.
  6. Dress nice, don't act like an asshat, and you should probably be in!
  7. I looked it as well. Had the same concern(s) about the fit.
  8. Sort of in the same boat! I expect them to look at my undergraduate transcript from a foreign university and laugh at it.
  9. I heard essentially the same thing last November. Freaked me out a bit. And of course, the number probably varies greatly depending on what school you're looking at and how strong that particular subfield is at that school. I assume that even a lower tiered school with one or two huge names in a particular subfield might get swamped with applications (in that particular subfield).
  10. There we go. My profile and signature actually contain some information now.
  11. I can't remember the last time I craved a time machine as much as now. I mean seriously, it's 2013. Time travel should be a thing by now.
  12. Wouldn't it be more like "falling", instead of "jumping", for Wisconsin? Must be Washington?
  13. I emailed the political science department at Michigan directly, and they assured me that they have all of my material even though the Wolverine-access website still listed it as "incomplete".
  14. Tick tock. Maybe I just should consider locking away my phone and laptop.
  15. 20% doesn't strike me as being that bad, especially considering the fact that you (as was mentioned above) already got an interview!
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