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  1. Just curious if anyone accepted to Fordham also received any type of scholarship with acceptance? Thx!
  2. Just curious if anyone accepted to Fordham also received any type of scholarship? Thx!
  3. Accepted to Fordham today! Probably still sticking with NYU. Good luck, everyone!
  4. I got my rejection almost 2 weeks after the interview. They really do look for some type of social work experience, so not sure why I was invited to the interview, but still feels good that they even considered me. I bet you did great!!
  5. Has anyone else with a "completed" application as of January been notified of admission decision from Fordham? I know someone got word and that app was completed as of 1/14, so just wondering I anybody else has heard?
  6. My app was completed on 1/4, acceptance received on 2/14.
  7. Hey Sammr, So was this what made the decision happen for you (lack of response, etc) or was it also financial/ courses? I haven't heard back from Fordham but if I am accepted, it will make me think twice. I want to focus on clinical which is why acceptance to NYU was so exciting to me.
  8. Mine has been completed since 1/10. I was told would hear back by mid February, but nothing still. I have followed up with a call, but was only told "soon". Someone else on this board who was completed on 1/14 already heard back, so who knows.
  9. It's okay, I'm not upset at all. I think I heard first because they decided that I wasn't going to be accepted, so I wouldn't take it as a bad sign hit yet. Keep your hopes up and keep thinking positive!
  10. Hey there! I just got my rejection from Hunter. I'm actually relieved because I really want NYU for their clinical strength but was stressing over the potential of having to choose based on cost. Well, now that it's off the table, I'm relieved and will be attending NYU, even if I get into Fordham. Btw, I can't say that I am surprised to hear about the rejection from Hunter. Although my personal essay, etc was good enough to get me an interview, I have to say that I was the only person at that table with no actual social service experience, and the Dean of Admissions DID say at the information session, VERY CLEARLY, that she looks for social work experience, and doesn't remember the last time that they accepted anyone without experience. Reason for this is that from day one, you are put into field work that requires you to have a basic understanding of what services are available. I can't imagine that every single student has previous experience, but who knows. Have you heard back?
  11. That's outstanding! Congrats!! Good problem to have. :-)
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