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  1. Anyone else going to be in Madison this weekend?
  2. FYI for the people who have read through this thread...some of the campus shuttle routes are no longer going to be running next year (including the hillcrest shuttle). They will no loner be providing the bus stickers, so you'll have to pay for a bus pass. So, unless you have a car, I would suggest trying to live near campus.
  3. One thing to take into account: Do any of the schools you have offers from provide the option of getting funding during the summer?
  4. I might also mention that my letter writers told me I should aim high, which I took to mean not apply to anything under 25 on the PGR
  5. First cut for me was by location. My fiancee would be coming with me so there had to be a Google office nearby. Second cut was by fit, just as you put it, though I had to settle for no less than one non super famous faculty I could work with. That left me with about nine and that's where I applied.
  6. Even though I didn't apply, I'm totally jealous of the UCSD admits. Congrats you guys! vagrant knows what's up
  7. Right, thanks for the clarification
  8. I assume you meant to say dec 31st was the deadline for USC? Even if I'm entirely confused about deadlines at this point, I know it wasn't that early. Anyway, yeah, I agree with you on the issue of GRE importance. It really does depend on who is on the admissions committee. People place different amounts of importance on each part of the application. E.g. one prof. in my department thinks it's silly that people are even required to write a statement of purpose, while another thinks that it can show a bit about the applicant's dedication and professionalism. It really is a crapshoot.
  9. vagrantphilosopher, I wish you luck on getting into all your schools...especially UCSD. San Diego is a great place to be. I'll be sad to move away (assuming I get into some program this year).
  10. Hi all, waiting with others can be a little less painful, so let me introduce myself. Schools: Stanford, University of Chicago, USC, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, UM Ann Arbor, UT Austin, UW Madison (I was told by my letter writers to aim high and hope following their advice wasn't a mistake) AOI: moral psychology, philosophy of action, early modern philosophy GRE: Math: 150 Verbal: 161 Analytical Writing: 4 Undergrad Background One of the top UC schools Overall GPA: 3.9 Major GPA: 3.9 High honors in philosophy based on faculty review of a thesis My writing sample is an extensively revised version of my honors thesis. Fingers crossed!
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