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  1. I don't have the experience necessary to say how likely it is to convert MS to PhD at those schools, but maybe I can stir some other thoughts. The MS programs seem to offer you more flexibility down the road, they are unfunded, which is tough, but it at least gives you a chance to get grad coursework out of the way, get solid experience in academic research, and leaves you in a place where you can be flexible about applying to PhD programs or going into industry. However, if you feel a good connection to the Delaware professors, especially if there is funding, and if you know what you
  2. I'm also a BME applicant this year, went to Cornell for undergrad, and will probably accept an offer from Boston University for the fall. As far as my experience with Cornell goes, I can agree that its very different from a city environment which has a billion things to do, but there is something to be said for the community-based stuff that goes on here (which may have led to the camaraderie you observed between grad students) between the festivals in downtown Ithaca, the sports (read: hockey) following, wine tours, farmers markets, and outdoorsy stuff. Academically, you need to decid
  3. I recieved a call form a POI shortly (minutes, frighteningly) after recieving an email acceptance letter, he basically wanted to brag about the program and how well I would fit, as well as gauge my interest, though the call was quite brief, and I felt like a doofus because I was stuck in a campus dining hall trying to hear and be heard. As far as not having heard back yet, or expecting a call from a POI, every person is different. From my understanding, the decision process is very busy early on, as the early rounds of acceptances and rejections go out and towards the end, when they t
  4. ...you've been corresponding by email with a POI for a few weeks but when you finally meet at recruitment weekend you mispronounce their name really badly, setting the tone for the rest of the interview...
  5. In my humble opinion, never burn a bridge you may need to cross over later... Even if you end up doing something else, there's no harm in holding on to an option for as long as you can.
  6. Maser beam! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maser
  7. If you haven't heard back yet I think its a cautious good sign. Even if they eventually reject you, it at least means they are seriously considering you (staggered decisions, and they've already rejected people) which bodes well for your applications to other schools.
  8. In my humble opinion, there's no good reason not to go to the other interviews. Even if you end up at UVA, you'd be passing up networking opportunities in the field and there's always the small chance you'll end up wanting to transfer. Information is your friend, the more you know about your options, the better!
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