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  1. dollar - Some stat faculty used to be in the Math department. Also, some stat faculty teach advanced probability which is cross listed in the math department, so you would certainly be able to work with them dmx - biostat and stat students can be advised by any prof in biostat/stat without any paper work. you should go to uwash. you will certainly be able to do ml work there.
  2. Hey MynahK, I also became interested in statistics from a computational cog/neuro background. You have already taken more math classes than I did when I applied (this year). I was competitive at many of the second and third tier programs. Most of these middle tier programs don't want only math geniuses, but also a few kids with diverse science backgrounds. You won't get into the most theoretical programs (I didn't) but you will have a fighting shot at the more applied/computational/bayesian ones. PM me if you want to talk more about this. If you like stats you shouldn't settle for somethin
  3. PhD program. I havent heard a peep, but it seems like most people have.
  4. hmm, any ideas why they wouldnt notify you? like does that mean they wont tell me unless i email them?
  5. I got accepted to their PhD program and I also have a few questions. Many of the professors there got their PhDs from Duke, so it I assume it is a heavily Bayesian department. From the course selection is also seems to be a very applied program. Austin also has a great ML program, so as a masters student I suspect you could take a few ml classes as well. I'd like to know what people in the statistics world think about it though.
  6. if you are 100% certain you want to apply stats to biological data then you should go to a biostat department. stat departments can be applied as well, but they usually have a much broader range of applications (astro, geo, neuro, ecology, finance, ML, sociology....) as well as being a bit more theory focused. Although at the top biostat programs you will also get a hefty dose of theory.
  7. you shouldn't hop off wait list. I know a person who got accepted and will certainly decline.
  8. also prepare for some Bayesian brainwashing.
  9. I went to said interview this past weekend. its super casual and relaxed. don't worry about it, just go to have a good time and meet interesting people.
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