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  1. Yes! I got accepted to cranbrook yesterday which is exciting to feel wanted. But after my visit today I'm so going to RISD. I had a great visit n lunch with some students. I'm hoping to start looking for housing or checking out Risd housing. I'm so pumped!!! That's great I heard they're hoping for 4-5 people in our year. It's going to be a great experience! Studio spaces are quite big which is nice.
  2. quick question --- does anyone know that if a school doesn't fill up all their spots, if there are more funds to go around to their other students... crazy question. but curious.
  3. hey -- i will definitely let you know about my trip up there this week. I sent in my deposit, and i agree about the structure, size and the faculty i've been admiring -- excited to meet. I haven't heard from the other two yet. I hope you figure out what you want and if it's RISD, maybe I will see you there.
  4. Sorry for delay --- I am hoping to, I'm visiting this week. And I am waiting to hear from Cranbrook and Tyler. I'm debating asking for an extension... but I really like RISD's program and structure. We will see but i'm 80% sure I am.
  5. hey --- clay peeps! any one else check status at vcu --- mine no longer said ready for review...but i couldn't find my status...anyone else with same issue? Thanks!
  6. I have never been either! I am really hoping the financial package is good too. I'm hoping to go visit RISD in a few weeks as well. Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing in particular? To answer your question I don't know many who were accepted but NCECA is probably a great place to take to their current grad students. I also know hat they originally were looking to take btw 4-6 people. Which already seemed like a lot for a ceramics program, compared to other programs. (not complaining) RISD - Accepted - 3/14 Notre Dame Syracuse VCU Tyler Cranbrook Alfred-
  7. Hey! So I'd love to go to RISD, it's a lot of money, and they said I would hear more about funding this week through the mail! So I'm hoping for the best. As for schools, I would love RISD, i applied thinking it wouldn't happen and I'm happy it did. I got a phone call sayiing they decided on wednesday to admit more people. Which is fine by me! RISD would always be a top choice. I'm hoping to hear back from Notre Dame, Cranbrook, Syracuse, VCU, and Tyler. I am going to NCECA! I'm so pumped and it's going to be a great opportunity. I'm curious how things will go since I might see people
  8. That's good to hear that there has not been any new yet there's still hope! haha I got some snail mail from Mass Art -- rejection to the 3D MFA program... I wasn't sure what to expect but these things happen. RISD- Accepted - phone call 3/14 Syracuse Cranbrook Tyler Notre Dame VCU Alfred - Rejected - snail mail 2/10 Mass Art - Rejected - snail mail 3/15
  9. Thank you! Ceramics. Pretty excited hoping to visit them soon.
  10. So this afternoon I a LOVELY call from RISD, saying I was ACCEPTED... ecstatic. I will find out about funds next week! But first acceptance! It feels really good! Nice to hear there's still good news for others out there too!
  11. I got info from Risd that I've been wait listed but hopefully I will have my chance to go... The wait will be long but worth it!
  12. Hey -- i interviewed with ceramics over the phone -- it was very short 10 minutes. They asked about what I have been doing for past few years...what art world i saw myself in... what is a successful artist / how does one become that... and I asked about taking classes abroad during winter session & about there distinct area of ceramics they had (they spokes about potter - ceramic sculpture & architecture). It just felt really rushed. I expected to talk about my work more. I'm happy to of had the chance to be a semifinalist for ceramic program and I hope to get in but I'm happy to of ma
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