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  1. For all things related to applying to graduate school in history in the fall of 2021.
  2. Having been around for both the original (2015 was my first year of my doctorate), and being currently on the job market (30 applications, 1 interview, 8 outstanding, in case you want to know how that is), some thoughts in no particular order: A PhD from a program with substantial resources (note: this is not equivalent to a top program, though there is substantial overlap) is still a worthwhile experience in and of itself. $30-35k yr plus good health insurance isn't nothing in this pre-postapocalyptic hellscape. Plus, I've had multi-month paid trips to Europe each year. My teaching load
  3. This is bodes *really* well for your next cycle. Head up.
  4. Guess who was the trolllll... Seriously, just don't reply to antagonistic accounts made in the last 24 hours.
  5. Yeah, I just took that one down because it was sus as fuck (brand new 1 post account making an app thread?), given the problems we've been having.
  6. Just think of it as a performance art piece. Also, if you don't quote or reply but just report, I can delete the posts without messing up the thread for future readers.
  7. I think the prestige difference between the degrees, even if there was any, would be the least important bit in your application.
  8. IDK, if they roast you for trying, then that's really good information to have early.
  9. Don't expect to succeed, is my thought. Especially in this environment. A funding offer that's not comfortably livable is not actually a funding offer.
  10. You gain nothing from such an email and you may annoy someone. Just be patient.
  11. Rejections always go out after acceptances. If you didn't hear yes, then it's almost certainly a no.
  12. It is literally impossible to pass them otherwise.
  13. "What question did you not ask at your visit that you wish you had?" Probably best asked over a beer, but pandemic.
  14. Oof, yeah, no, we're not doing this. I suggest you spend some time with yourself and figure out why something good happening to someone else feels like a personal assault.
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