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  1. telkanuru

    Laptop recommendation

    I don't want to out your husband, but he's gaming you ๐Ÿ˜› I'm only now beginning to think about replacing my 2013 Lenovo X1 Carbon.
  2. telkanuru

    Choosing a supervisor for niche or emerging research interests

    Even then, there's been a longstanding interest in, say, lepers at least since Formation of a Persecuting Society. And so I don't think it's so much a misstep as it is the need to understand better how our field structures knowledge. That is, you have your very specific area of interest, but what is the next category up to which your very specific area is a member? And the one above that, until you get to "medieval history" and then "history"? This is a very important process, as it will greatly aid you in crafting the right "level" of question in your statement of purpose, in writing your prospectus and dissertation, and will serve as a touchstone at those points in your graduate career where you feel lost. For example, I am very specifically interested in the interactions between Cistercian monks and the incipient kingdoms of western Europe in the 12-13th c. For my project, I work within the frameworks provided by postcolonial studies, frontiers studies, religious studies, political history, and the digital humanities.* The next step from there is to say that this means that I'm interested in socio-political intersections, particularly focused on religious institutions, in the high middle ages. It's this latter criterium that I used to seek out professors with whom I would want to work, and who would be interested in working with me. This gave me a list of about 20 people who did work which interested me, from which I used the various programs' placement rates etc., to whittle down to 6. Happy hunting! * DH is much to young to provide a framework. I'm making it up as I go along.
  3. telkanuru

    Choosing a supervisor for niche or emerging research interests

    You're having trouble identifying scholars who work on disability, disfigurement, difference, or monstrosity? I would gently suggest that you haven't looked quite hard enough. You are going to see a bias towards English departments in who's interested in this stuff, but you should be able to come up with a decent list of historians - Princeton (Reimitz), Columbia (Kosto), and UChicago (Lyon) come immediately to mind. Were I you, I'd pull through a couple of the Kzoo/Leeds programs from recent years to find them.
  4. In American culture, too. I wasn't supposed to take 9 years to finish my undergraduate, and I wasn't supposed to devolve from my middle-class family into working at a grocery store. Life's weird.
  5. telkanuru

    Art History Ph.D. Questions

    How and why? Be precise.
  6. telkanuru

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Glad someone else took this job this year. Rutgers is moving up a lot, I think. Like NYU, they're chucking some major money around, and I think we'll see the result in the job market shortly if we haven't already.
  7. telkanuru

    What piece(s) of advice would you give to new TAs?

    R1: top-tier research university (Ivies and pseudo-Ivies, state flagship campuses, etc) R2: second-tier research university (still research oriented, but with less money and reputation) SLAC: Small Liberal Art Colleges (primary focus is on undergraduate education, smaller student bodies)
  8. You're in an abusive relationship. That it's not a romantic relationship doesn't make it any less an abusive one. Get out. Leaving may be academic suicide. You can take steps to mitigate that, but there's no guarantee, particularly given how you described your adviser - it seems to me like he'd be the vindictive sort. So, make the allies you can, but you should still get out.
  9. Of course they aren't. Why would you bother with more school if you had nothing else to learn. That you were accepted is an endorsement by multiple professors that you are able to learn what you need to. That's all you need for now.
  10. telkanuru

    Pissed because of favoritism

    โ€œThe only time you look in your neighbor's bowl is to make sure that they have enough."
  11. telkanuru

    Question about assigning TAships

    This varies greatly from institution to institution, but for many programs yes, since PhD students receive their stipends from teaching.
  12. telkanuru

    Anyone else having a tough time apartment hunting?

    Boston? The market in Boston fucking sucks. Our last apartment there, my wife and I had to be able to hand over a $6,000 check to secure a place. Insanity. If it *is* Boston (or NY), it's just a process of rolling the dice enough times. Keep at it.
  13. telkanuru

    Whatcha reading?

    My prospectus isn't exactly, uh, what's the word, done? I ended up in Europe three weeks earlier than I had planned on about 3 weeks notice, so some things got dropped. But yeah, really liked a couple pieces. Michael Dietler, Archaeologies of Colonialism: Consumption, Entanglement, and Violence in Ancient Mediterranean France (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010) was a particularly good one.
  14. telkanuru

    Whatcha reading?

    Well the state of the field part of my prospectus treats five distinct historiographies so the other side of the fence isn't great either.

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