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  1. telkanuru

    Can I get into Oxbridge?

    The MAPSS is very different from the MAPH both in terms of environment and student outcomes. There's usually at least half tuition covered, and they have a solid placement rate both within Chicago and elsewhere. I've known many very nice MAPSS alums, including at least two in my current program. Of course, Chicago in general tends to breed a certain type of... how to put this nicely?... aggressive student, but those who did their undergraduates there are usually the worst offenders.
  2. telkanuru

    Can I get into Oxbridge?

    To be fair, you're also not responsible for paying that debt yet...
  3. Withdrawing from the discussion by depicting it as irresolvable seems to be a form of surrender to me. That's usually the purpose of these forums, so that sort of reaction doesn't seem very out of line. And I've re-read your initial post after seeing this; it still looks like you're seeking advice. You got a discussion, it's just not the one you wanted. What conclusions do you draw from that?
  4. Sure, but that's the reason you try harder, not surrender. Reading back through this thread, I'm even less sure of what you wanted from it than when we started.
  5. telkanuru

    Can I get into Oxbridge?

    I don't think you'll have much problems getting into a British MA because they exist to extract dollars from Americans. It's unlikely you'll get any financial support, however, because they exist to extract dollars from Americans
  6. Do you think that's because you're very clear and everyone else is dumb, or that you really need to work on articulating what you're thinking to your audience? If we're having the same basic reactions as people you've explained your ideas to in person... This is fairly polite. You don't. You evaluate why they think that this thing that isn't your concern is your concern. By giving heavy credence to that rebuttal. If it's clear to you but not to them, it's your responsibility to bridge that gap. Profound? Certainly not. Relevance, however, is your burden to shoulder.
  7. telkanuru

    Language Examination in History PhD Program

    I believe this is what children these days refer to as a "sick burn".
  8. It is unclear to me, as it was to @Sigaba, how this is an unusual approach. Indeed, the idea of "book as cultural artifact" is the foundation of Eisenstein's work in the late 1970s, and thus the entire field of the history of the book. Ann Blair and Jeffery Hamburger are more recent contributors to the discussion, one which has not only divested the book from its author but also made the case that the object is itself a historical agent.
  9. One of the pieces of advice I received as I look ahead to the job market is to pay attention to the ways people who know my work describe it, and compare those descriptions of my work to how I conceive of it. You'll often find these differ substantially, even for people who have read multiple chapters of your dissertation. Exploring those differences is a very useful exercise.
  10. Can you give a concrete example? You say 'method/perspective', but it sounds like the pushback you're getting is over the "so what". The broader problem is that no matter how confident you are in your own outlook, if the general reaction to what you're attempting is negative, you're going to have substantial problems on the job market where no one will wait around for the explanation. Plus, it sounds to me like the people you're talking to don't find your explanations satisfactory in any case. I should note that this can be more of a problem of framing and phrasing than of approach - it took me a solid hour of describing what I wanted to do for my dissertation to my adviser to have her go "ah, yes, that will go somewhere." When you strike on a description that resonates with others, it's important to remember and use it elsewhere.
  11. telkanuru

    Language Examination in History PhD Program

    Wrong question. As others have already suggested, the difficulty of such exams is highly variable even within the same institution. But language requirements don't exist to check a box; unlike your undergraduate, nothing in a doctoral program exists just to check a box. The question you need to ask is: will a year of German be enough to allow you access to the secondary scholarship you need in order to write an excellent dissertation?
  12. telkanuru

    Whatcha reading?

    So has HoS in general. That's why Truitt is so interesting!
  13. telkanuru

    Whatcha reading?

    You've read Truitt already, right?
  14. telkanuru

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    That would seem to be a matter of scale rather than a qualitative difference. But the financial impact that tanked the academic market certainly impacted the museum and other institutional markets in equal degree. I would also note that your opinion on the intercompatibility of museum and PhD are not universal in this thread. Your enjoyment of graduate school is not the sum of the experience you have related here. You have also talked about graduate school "not being so serious" for you, and a lack of concern with finding a job which suggests you had a relatively easy time doing so. I have also enjoyed graduate school. That doesn't mean I'm willing to recommend the experience. Well, not yet anyway.
  15. telkanuru

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Is there specific data about art history? I've never seen it. Do you have some reason to believe that art history is exempt from trends common across the humanities? Do you think museums are somehow much more meritocratic than the professoriat? Why? Which is, of course, why your initial response to @Bronte1985 was to belittle their advice while implying they were a grumpy washed-up crybaby who couldn't hack it (Regardless of the outcome (I can guess...) ). Right. Strangely, I never said that.

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