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  1. If you want to be a professor, the perceived quality of your program (which we'll call rank) matters a great deal. I definitely understand the desire to go to a graduate school that you enjoy, but depending on the tier of school you're attending, achieving that end goal may be very difficult indeed.
  2. You're all adults. If you aren't sure how someone wants to be addressed... ask them.
  3. telkanuru

    Applications 2019

    This is so far removed from reality that you should have laughed in his face. Not a red flag; a May Day parade in Moscow.
  4. telkanuru

    Applications 2019

    I see. You should have until 5pm on 4/15 to accept or reject an offer.
  5. telkanuru

    Applications 2019

    I would ask this of the school which accepted you, and get an answer in writing.
  6. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    I don't think anyone in this thread would disagree with this, and you phrase it excellently. What several of us have been saying is that, even in your formulation, focus comes first, and then flexibility. A flexible program gives you the freedom to narrow the focus you already have.
  7. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    Splitting the difference between "what professors say" and "what professors think" is an important skill. Most professors will, if given a specific choice to make (program X or program Y), will give a straightforward answer, but express concerns with the binary in a more subtle way. Remember when one of your professors told you to "expect disappointment"? That was one of those ways. That would seem to be something you've determined, at best, over the course of this very thread, and even then it's still incredibly vague. For example, are you going in a Mary Perry and Sharon Farmer direction, a Barbara Rosenwein direction, a Barbara Newman direction, or trying for a HoS push? Articulate why this is. I didn't say you were. I said that's how you present yourself (and not incompetent - unfocused). Based on your application season, that's how you came across to the programs to which you applied, as well. You should work on how you ask questions.
  8. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    As everyone, from your professors to the adcoms to the posters on this board, has been telling you over and over again, you don't need flexibility. You need focus. If you were actually ready for this next step, you wouldn't be asking us which languages to take. You would know. An MA on the way to a PhD is a time to refine your area of study, not discover it. You have extremely limited time and need to hit the ground running; many of the people you will be competing against started their language training in middle school. At the very least, at this point you need to be able to articulate a time period, a geographic region, and a structural approach (e.g. I want to study the south of France during the central middle ages through the lens of postcolonial theory). How else are you supposed to pick what to take? You come across as interested in the idea of having a PhD rather than any particular subject of study. Nothing you've said instills confidence that you've even begun to plan to fix this. Unless you do, your next application cycle will go no better than your last. I would strongly suggest you take @TMP's advice, look into your deferral options, and spend some time meditating on your own motivations and desires..
  9. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    No, I think all three are strictly necessary, the first for research and the latter two for secondary sources. I know some subfields think there isn't any important German scholarship for them to read, but boy are they wrong.
  10. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    In that case, Latin, French, and German if you want consideration from any decent program.
  11. telkanuru

    Which languages should I focus the most on?

    Yeah I would say that this sort of statement is going to concern an admissions committee much more than your language skills.
  12. telkanuru

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    It's not just $2000 when you compare cost of living in New Haven vs. Cambridge! But I had been told the Harvard package was up to $35,000... strange. If you do ask, just be diplomatic. You have some concerns about living in such an expensive real estate market and Yale's offer would seem to create less stress on a personal level, and is there any way for Harvard to assist with this?
  13. telkanuru

    2019 Visit Days/Decisions

    I second this.
  14. Really not interested in threats to doxx people on this forum. Locking this thread.
  15. telkanuru

    Applications 2019

    OK so there has been some nonsense and someone merged 3 threads into one. I've tried to pull them apart to the best of my ability, but I'm sure I've left some posts behind in this thread. If you see one, please report it using the report function and tag me in the comments. I'll move it to where it belongs.

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