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  1. Hi all, I've gotten a couple reports on this thread and handed out a temporary silence or two. I would, however, generally encourage you all to stop feeding trolls that you have already recognized to be trolls. -T
  2. Generally, no. If a program does not offer full tuition remission and stipend support upon acceptance, it is not a program worth attending.
  3. General advice: each sentence needs to do something. You do not have the space for signposting that does not also move your narrative forward. Also: you must have a narrative. NB: a list of your accomplishments is not a narrative.
  4. NB: you're not wed to your prospectus either. Hell, my understanding of my own dissertation changed substantially by just writing my introduction - which is the last part you write.
  5. FWIW, the only subfield I'm still seeing TT jobs listed in this year is either American History with a specialization in the African-American experience or African Diaspora.
  6. 'Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky We fell them down and turn them into paper That we may record our emptiness.'
  7. A couple things, in no real order: Yes, you can absolutely get into a good PhD program off an MLS. As someone who is on the job market with a PhD and likes being in archives, not having an MLS has hurt my job prospects. Your sense about the master's program is spot on. Regardless of the graduate programs you attend, it is unlikely that you can both successfully pursue an academic or academic adjacent career and stay within the Denver area.
  8. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/a-university-president-responds-to-those-who-have-suggested-the-school-should-dip-into-the-endowment
  9. If you want to work in a history dept, get a history degree.
  10. Ah, a caste system. That'll solve everything.
  11. Look at what schools aren't taking cohorts, check their endowments, and then talk to me again about resources with a straight face. On a related note, learning to differentiate between optimism and wishful thinking is a very useful life skill, in academia and beyond.
  12. This isn't actually a good thing. Schools who have looked at the current situation and decided to take more graduate students either 1) Have little connection to reality, 2) Can't function without grad student labor, or 3) Both.
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