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  1. This, I think, can be generalized to academic practice. Finding flaws in a given work is something any high school senior should be able to do with relative ease, and shows only the memorization and regurgitation of information. Using your recognition of those flaws to build something new and interesting - that is the real skill.
  2. HBO's Rome. Also, Showtime's The Borgias. There's a LOT of good Korean historical dramas on Netflix, too. Can you tell I have a thing for opulent, ridiculous over-acting?
  3. FYI this thread will be de-stickied on April 16 and the 2021 thread posted.
  4. Harvard's name will certainly open more non-academic doors, yes.
  5. Nevertheless, history departments don't hire non-historians. So, what do you want to do?
  6. What do you see yourself doing after grad school? History departments don't hire AmStud PhDs.
  7. I would assume you're rejected and they just haven't bothered getting around to letting you know, actually. Academia is often casually cruel like that.
  8. Ooof. Brown must be doing something right, because we had double the yield we wanted. Those planning on applying for the next few years beware, as the number of slots is going to go down for a little while.
  9. My anxiety does not need this kthx. Next year is my first year on the market, and I'm about to have my "here's my dissertation, world" conference presentation cut out from under me.
  10. Just a casual note that the median 1br apartment rent near BC is around $2,000/month.
  11. Link it to me and I'll pin it.
  12. She's actually giving you a direct answer, if you know how to listen (and most professors don't actually know how to go down the museum/library branch). If you have *no* languages other than English as a college junior, I am very sorry to say that the ship has sailed when it comes to pursuing graduate level work in ancient history. Any program willing to take you would be doing so solely to exploit you. Even the most mediocre programs would want 2 ancient and 1 modern language when you apply. Heck, without some language skills, you haven't really been doing ancient history, regardless of what it says on the diploma. And even if you do take some post-bacc coursework as suggested above, you're still going to be massively behind any of your competition for a spot at a decent program. When there's only 2-4 jobs posted each year in the field, you can't afford not to go to a decent program. This is not a course you can successfully follow.
  13. The fact that there still exist programs like this in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty...
  14. telkanuru


    First, smaller cohorts does not mean more attention. A more attentive adviser means more attention. But you can also be the change you want to see in the world. There was not much of a vertical cohort among the medievalists at my school when I showed up; there is now, but it took a lot of work.
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