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  1. Sure, but suddenly having to homeschool your kid, for example, is somewhat different that what came before. That new burden disproportionately affects women (in this example) - from the available evidence, it affects them all the way up the food chain. So this is new, and if you find yourself able to be productive, as I have, it's one small blessing in a large shitpile.
  2. This, of course, favors the already-privileged.
  3. With that many high-quality programs not accepting applicants this year, it's also a good idea to contemplate the fact that others are, and why that might be the case.
  4. There have been 4 TT jobs posted in my field. 2 are senior hires. So, quite badly.
  5. Hmmm. This is news to me. The cohort was supposed to be very small, but extant. Perhaps things have moved on and they haven't bothered to tell us.
  6. Time is usually best. It's why I insist on 48h between giving out a grade and scheduling a meeting about it.
  7. "I usually would not recommend someone with this level of writing ability go on to graduate work." Yeah, that one stuck with me.
  8. The first question is: have you looked at people who are in jobs you want to have? What degrees do they have? I personally love curatorial/manuscript work, but since I don't have an MLS, I have a harder time getting one of those jobs, PhD or no. Yes, this is a very good thing to be concerned about German. The standard you're looking for is: is your Latin good enough that you can give an admissions committee a writing sample drawing heavily from sources in the original language, buttressed by secondary lit in your research languages? There used to be a thread in here of funded MAs. I did mine at Harvard Divinity School.
  9. Are you thinking about applying to History, Art History, or Medieval Studies? An Art History degree will be better than the other two for a museum direction. For History and Medieval Studies, weak Latin will be a significant millstone on your neck for any of the programs you suggest. For Art History, there will be less emphasis placed on your Latinity, but your total lack of German will be a problem. I would never recommend an MA as a way to start a language, but it can certainly be a place to improve it. There is also some decent MA funding out there.
  10. Just the one you want to supervise your diss.
  11. Which is why I said they were fine AND had good placement records, which you then agreed with?
  12. ...then explain why you said that attending any of the schools listed above from the US was a waste of money?
  13. Yale's history MA and UoC's MAPSS program are both fine, and have good PhD placement records.
  14. This coming app cycle is already fucked, FYI.
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