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  1. Well, I'm a straight white dude, but I have a couple of POC friends who are also medievalists and... yeah. "Why don't you work on your history" is a question they get asked a lot.
  2. telkanuru

    Gender Discrimination

    If this was a joke, it fell very flat. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. Like kicking a rotten log.
  3. telkanuru

    Gender Discrimination

    Brand new account. Vaguely worded post clearly designed to spark an argument. Replies worded specifically to keep the argument going. This is certainly the way a lot of men in STEM (and elsewhere!) think. It's still absolutely a troll.
  4. telkanuru

    Gender Discrimination

    Of course. But feeding the troll doesn't really seem to be a useful (or even cathartic) way of addressing that.
  5. telkanuru

    Gender Discrimination

    Guys, have you... been on the internet before?
  6. telkanuru

    History Graduate Program Funding Package Spreadsheet

    You summoned me, so... This is a pretty decent package for this tier school, actually. I like that 6th year funding is becoming a standard. Some questions: Quals are at then end of year 4? That seems very late. What is the actual teaching load? Will you be IOR? What's going on with year 1? How much are you actually expected to pay for insurance? Is dental covered? Your archive is in Europe. How will you get there? I'm not sure what you would gain from an MA, particularly not from an MA at any of the particular universities to which you've been admitted. So yeah, take it.
  7. telkanuru

    Feeling out of place in program

    Your cohort is not your only source of friends. Join a club, pick up a sport that's not on campus, go out.
  8. telkanuru

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    'The only way to atone for being occasionally a little over-dressed is by being always absolutely over-educated.' - Oscar Wilde
  9. telkanuru

    Current student funk

    Not that this is exclusive to grad school. I feel like much of my adult life has been on the swing between feeling bored, trivial, and useless and competent, respected, and motivated.
  10. telkanuru

    Advice on deciding between schools

    Davis, easy decision.
  11. It's ok, even if your profile hadn't said, I would have guessed polisci or econ from the way you extracted general conclusions from a highly limited case study and were willing to fight to the death to defend them
  12. Two members of my committee would only give me my lists with 3 months to go. They were on sabbatical and wouldn't start before they got back. If I had the option to take 6 months, I absolutely would have. Some programs do want you to ignore everything and study for comps. Again, you should understand your own experiences are not universal.
  13. telkanuru

    conferences - q & a

    And at stopping the former from turning into the latter!
  14. If you can pass comps without a ~3 month period where you're focused on studying (I had to give up cycling and gained 25 lbs), your committee let you off easy, to say the least. It sounds to me like comps are more a formality in your program than they were in mine; you should be careful about universalizing your experience. And sure, we can all question the utility of comps, but in the end, you need to do what your committee expects. Otherwise, you don't pass, and then your publications (or whatever) don't matter.
  15. telkanuru

    conferences - q & a

    Generalize your response. If giving a longer answer, do not stare down the original questioner, but continue to look around the room. Refuse to get caught up in a debate over minutiae. Distill the essence (rather than the specific form) of their critique, and make your responding observations based on that. Do not give them the opportunity to interrupt at the end of your response - be looking elsewhere, and call on another person (if you're able to control your own Q&A). If they keep interrupting anyway, suggest that they continue the conversation outside of the Q&A. Sometimes, there's nothing you can really do and the moderator has to step in. Sometimes they don't, because not all moderators do their jobs properly, particularly if it involves shutting down a senior scholar. Your first aggressive question can be a really unsettling experience, and everyone's default reaction is to go into defense mode. Practice the mental discipline to take a breath and process your response, and you'll be much better off.

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