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  1. 2018 AHA Program Released

    You have a bunch of stressed, nervous people with shared interests and multiple open bars. What could go wrong?
  2. Medieval Applicants (2018)

    Currently-enrolled medievalist here. If anyone wants to talk about the field or their applications, let me know! @unræd is also a great resource, if they're still keeping an eye here.
  3. Need help making sense of correspondence

    Well thank goodness you've been able to see you way past all this advice you asked for and can continue on the course you originally intended
  4. Need help making sense of correspondence

    I would say that, after being forced to slog through Fromherz's recent book, that it would have a great impact on your scholarly potential to pick up German and Latin as well. Languages aren't merely a hurtle you need to leap over, which is how I sense you're approaching them based on your responses in this thread. They're the core and foundation of your scholarship. I would also note that @Sigaba's point is a broader one than you've acknowledged. He's not been really talking about your particular need for more Arabic training, but rather why you found a statement by a senior scholar in your field insufficient and needed to question it further by asking a bunch of randoms on the internet.
  5. Need help making sense of correspondence

    What about those entering the top 5? The ones you're going to have to fight for jobs with on the other end?
  6. To TA or not to TA on your first year of PhD?

    You're not suggesting people go on the internet to get the great void to affirm whatever course of action they've decided on, are you? That's just crazy.
  7. NB: Older works (say, pre-1980) tend to be more difficult to skim/gut.
  8. Thinking of quitting

    Stay for the year, see where you are at the end. 2 weeks is too short.
  9. How important are friends/social life in grad school?

    That's... really not what I meant?
  10. How important are friends/social life in grad school?

    You're making it out to be worse than it is. Don't get inside your own head. First, the students who are 10 years younger than you aren't fresh out of college, I imagine. I've personally found the age disconnect drops off rapidly at around 25 or so. Second, there's no rule that says you have to have anything other than a professional relationship with your cohort. It's a big world! Do you run or exercise? Make friends there! If you don't have a hobby, now's a great time to join a club and learn one. Maybe there are other older graduate students in other departments - go to events and colloquia and find out. All that said, you are going to have to sacrifice a bit. Yes, you have a house and a kid, but if there's a regularly scheduled bar hour after seminar, for example, make that someone else's problem every once in a while.
  11. Approaching first semester of PhD and feeling overwhelmed

    Seriously, though, it's ok! I think everyone goes through this multiple times during grad school (and, rumor has it, in the great thereafter). This too shall pass, and laughter is the best medicine.
  12. Approaching first semester of PhD and feeling overwhelmed

    Report: Today The Day They Find Out You’re A Fraud Sources are confirming that everyone—absolutely everyone—will finally figure out today that your entire life is a desperately fraudulent joke, and that you yourself are nothing more than a charlatan and a hack. WASHINGTON—While experts agree you’ve been remarkably successful so far at keeping up the ruse that you’re a capable, worthwhile individual, a new report out this week indicates that today is the day they finally figure out you’re a complete and utter fraud. The report, compiled by the Pew Research Center, states that sometime within the next 24 hours, people will find out that you have no idea what you’re doing, that you’ve been faking it for years, and that, through continuous lying and shameless posturing, you’ve actually managed to dupe virtually everyone around you into thinking you’re something other than a weak and ineffectual person. They’ve had their suspicions all along, sources said, but today their suspicions will be confirmed. “Though you’ve somehow gotten this far in life without anyone discovering you’re not what you pretend to be, it’s all about to come crashing down, and not a minute too soon, to be frank,” reads the report, which goes on to note that you don’t deserve anything you have—not your job, not your relationship, not even your parents’ love—and you know it. “You’re incompetent, you’re petty, you’re vain, you’re barely keeping it together beneath that confident exterior you project, and your little charade is just about over.” “They’re all on to you,” the report continues. “You do understand that, don’t you?” Your boss and coworkers will realize today that you are completely unqualified for your current occupation, experts confirmed. Already, they are reportedly starting to sense that you’ve just been skating by—pretending to know what you’re talking about, as if you actually possess any kind of real or meaningful skills—and that you’re far more of a liability to the company than you’ve ever been an asset. Several experts also noted that any potential employer in your future will immediately recognize that your entire career has been a sham, that you more or less bluffed your way through school, and that you’re unfit for any task beyond menial labor. According to the report, the people you are closest to, from friends to family to your romantic partner, will find out today that you’ve merely been impersonating someone who deserves to be in their lives—piecing together just enough lies about yourself to trick them into thinking you’re a genuine, understanding person. In addition to everyone you’ve ever met knowing you’re a huge imposter, even strangers on the street will know, the report stated, in most cases simply by looking at you. “People will soon surmise that you’re just a feeble, self-obsessed loser, scraping by from day to day and hoping not to get found out, and you know what? They’re right,” reads another section of the report. “The pathetic deceit that lies at the very core of your being, that defines you, that is you won’t be a secret much longer, because the rest of the world is going to figure out what your parents have known all along: You’re a big fucking joke.” “On some level, deep down, you knew this day had to come,” the report concludes. “And now it has.” At press time, sources confirmed that here we go: You can see it in their eyes. They know. They all know. Every last one of them absolutely knows. And you deserve every bit of scorn and rejection that is coming your way.
  13. How many schools should I apply to?

    Four to eight is about right, depending on field.
  14. How much breadth in History of Christianity?

    Modern languages? Latin and Greek seem sufficient for what you've expressed as your interests. What about French and German, the latter being particularly important?
  15. By all means apply to MSU - they do indeed have a strong African History department. But please don't use rankings, particularly for subfields. They mean exactly shit, and foster the wrong idea about how postgraduate work actually functions.