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  1. does anyone know if they are on the waitlist for university of minnesota?
  2. Jumping in as a New Yorker. Completely agree with what everyone else has said. Re broker: it's very well possible to get a place without one, but by no means count on it. Assume you will need one (esp for any manhattan apt), and just be pleasantly surprised when you go to an apt that's actually being shown by management. My current apt is downtown in a super desirable area and I didn't have a broker but I know I basically won the NYC apt lottery with that one. Some tips though: Search nakedapartments.com...they pride themselves on least amount of scams (scam being when a broker posts as a
  3. Cultural. I didn't interview but I went out to visit the department in November and meet with a few faculty and graduate students. Perhaps that means in my case no need to conduct an interview? I think I'm unique case re UCSD so my experience shouldn't be seen as illustrative (or maybe it should? Honestly this whole process is somewhat unpredictable (hence the reason why we are all asking and looking up past years info...there's like zero transparency for applicants, it's nerve wrecking)).
  4. yes but super informally. i was told the official letters don't go out until march. (they're a little later with things...i remember their application being due late january!)
  5. So I know there's a section for this in the main forum area, but I'd like to start a conversation about this specifically for anthropology, as the circumstances for this discipline are far different than others. Lets talk frankly about this. There are SO MANY of us about to start programs, people in programs, and those currently in the job market, and not a whole lot of real academic jobs (by real I mean possibly tenure track and not adjuncting/struggling). My mentor was joking at the AAAs where one of their students had nine job interviews: this student was basically up for all of the jobs
  6. CU admissions committee isn't meeting until later next week.
  7. Shows how much I know re funded MA programs. That's awesome that yours was funded, anthropolige! I feel like that MAY be rare, especially if its a department with a reputation for a great PhD program (again, speaking from knowing the set up of an Ivy League institution only, where the MA program is highly problematic and gives me automatic pause regarding the value of that degree). With that, I would really, really recommend only going for it if it's funded.
  8. i think given your unique educational background, perhaps a terminal MA in anthropology isn't the completely necessary route. also, unless you have 60K lying around, it's not really worth it. i'm of the opinion that unless it's a professional degree, MAs aren't really worth their price. i'm speaking as someone who has talked to faculty about this at an ivy league university that has a terminal MA program filled with students who think their MA will give them a leg up in PhD admissions, when in fact their department just treats them as a cash cow for funding. sad but true. the best bet is t
  9. yeah re CU: their meeting re admissions isn't until the last week of feb. don't expect to hear until march (CU is my alma mater for ungrad, that's how i know )
  10. I as well am curious about that NYU acceptance that popped up. Perhaps it was super unofficial (i put my UCSD acceptance up when mine was super unofficial and probably the only one notified already). I was told they were meeting this week (so assumed notification by fri or by next week? just guessing). Related: kro7 mentioned above that people were invited to NYU this week. I'm wondering how you know this?
  11. what's the website? i keep hearing on this forum about checking one's status on admissions websites but i'm unclear what website to look at! can you PM me the link?
  12. i didn't interview at either UCSD or UCI. I know my friend last year interviewed (via phone) for UCSC around this time. I did, however, visit San Diego in November, which I guess counts for something? I wonder when people say they have interviews if they haven't met their departments yet? I met most of my POIs already either on campus visits or at the AAAs in November and already had the kind of chats that that seems to make up interview questions. Just a thought in case others followed a similar path as me. Cultural anthro. Bear in mind, according to my POI, decisions haven't g
  13. For me, today has been a day of news, so it seems. I just got a SUPER unofficial yes from Irvine (a missed called/voicemail). No details whatsoever, but "good news". I also got a SUPER unofficial yes from San Diego, from my POI. I also got an unofficial no from Minnesota. Not really surprised at this one, as there's only one person I wanted to work with. Would have liked to have options/leverage though. Oh well. Just a note, I'm calling these all unofficial, as they are from POIs, not admissions-like emails or anything. I'm not sure if this is customary, for these to be unoff
  14. I know someone IRL who got into Berkeley with full funding. They have not sent out any letters to those accepted, so it was an informal acceptance for this person. This person also got acceptances from Yale, Cornell, and Michigan. And sociocultural anth, all informal acceptances from POIs. Re NYU I learned super informally like, third-hand, that NYU is meeting this week.
  15. hi majolie, sorry to hear the news if i recall my pre-application meetings with various faculty at NYU, i think the admissions is different for different subdisciplines. i was told 400 is pretty standard for NYU...talking with my advisor (who is on the anthro admissions committee at another institution with similar numbers) though, i feel hopeful, as about half of those are chucked right away for having no clear place in anthro (applying just for the institution name) and then another sizable amount eliminated for having no fit with the faculty. in other words, thinking positivel
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